How To Understand The Pattern of Upcoming JEE Main 2020

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When it comes to attaining a competitive exam it is important that the participants are prepared for the worst. The competition level of these exams is very hardcore and brutal that’s why many people start their preparation from a very young age. Just like that the JEE Main exam is a very difficult test to ace in. But with hard work and dedication, everything can be easy.

This article is going to help you with the JEE mains exams. There are many guide books available to help you ace this exam but there is the significant importance of solving previous years question paper of JEE mains exam. You can find many advantages with these question paper solving methods and that is why most of the toppers recommend this way of getting familiarized with the actual test.

As we all know the session of January JEE Main exam has already happened but you are not too late for the April session exams. Approximately 11 lakh students have participated in the last exam and each of them shared their different views about the JEE main 2020 question paper. For some of the students, maths were the hardest subject in the exam and for some, it was physics and so on. But Chemistry seems to be the easiest one to crack in the exam. A leading Ed-Tech JEE Main 2020 question paper by Vedantu made it available for everyone to download and evaluate the reasons.

Here we have the analysis of the JEE main 2019 question paper…

Paper 1 analysis:

Physics- The difficulty level of this subject was high and the questions were tricky.

Maths- The questions were moderate in terms of difficulty. Questions were served mainly from the integrated topic.

Chemistry- Questions were fairly easy and straightforward.

Paper 2 analysis:

The paper 2 exams were conducted in both platforms online and offline mode. Maths and general aptitude were held in online mode and another test was conducted in offline mode.

Maths Section- The maths section question was difficult. But the questions from the April session were vastly different from the January session.

General Aptitude Section- This section consists of tricky questions based on topics of identifying 3D shapes and objects. These were mainly general knowledge questions, questions like writing the full form of important words, etc. Fifty questions were asked which consists of four marks each.

Drawing Section- As said by the students the questions were very lengthy and required more time for solving. There were mainly three questions that hold 70 marks in total. Because paper 2 is for architecture aspirants, it was an exam designed for testing the creativity capability and drawing skills of the student.


  • If you are an aspiring student then you can get an idea from the many facts written above about the previous year’s question paper. This analysis also states the difficulty level of the papers.
  • The analysis states the different types of questions and descriptions of these questions such as- if the questions were tricky, straightforward or abstracted.
  • The importance of the marks.
  • Details that cover all the topics.
  • A thorough analysis of each subject.
  • The difficulty level of the over the examination.
  • How many questions are there

Benefits of Solving JEE Main Question Paper:

The importance of solving the previous years question paper is vital because only by that you can get prepared for the real deal. Many students get scared before the exam because they often don’t know what to expect and how to get prepared for the tricky questions if there are any. But if a student practiced the last ten years’ question paper before the exam, he or she will have nothing to be worried about. One other plus point of practicing these questions is that oftentimes the same questions get repeated thus, you will know how to answer a particularly tricky question and the difficult pattern of a question. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that the importance of solving the old question is vital but one must need to be updated about the changing syllabus, which has happened over the period. And also keep in mind not to trust any online solution as there are many irresponsible sites that post non-reliable contents. To avoid this problem you should get these questions from offline markets as there are many places that sell them.