How To Wash Your Car Well?

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If you are someone who runs away from cleaning your vehicle in the car washes for fear that the paint will scratch and you decide to get down to work yourself, here are some simple tips to make it shine.

Cleaning the car regularly is part of the basic care that allows it to be kept in good condition. However, paint is one of the components that is most damaged by washing, the passage of time and dirt. Here we present a series of tricks to keep your vehicle clean and cared for.

For external washing:

1. Neutral soap or car shampoo. Its function is to clean effectively and leave a good finish. We should not use chemicals, as they could damage the paint.

2. Microfiber or natural lamb’s wool glove. The cloths produce scratches, dragging the dirt and you can also use best car polisher for beginners for polishing your car.

3. Microfiber towel for drying, better absorbs water.

For interior washing:

1. Vacuum cleaner.

2. Special foam for upholstery.

3. Specific spray for the dashboard.

4. Glass cleaner or alcohol.

5. Newspaper.


1.  It is not convenient to wash the car in the sun. While soaping, the shampoo can stick to the paint and, in addition, traces would appear when drying.

2.  Dust, insects, mud and bird droppings are the main enemies to fight. Therefore, the first thing we must do to avoid scratching the car is to give it a first wash only with water (cold or warm), so that this dirt softens and we do not have to rub. Wet the car from top to bottom and if the water comes under pressure, do it at a distance so that scratches do not occur.

3. In a bucket we will mix shampoo and water according to the amount indicated on the bottle. Afterwards, we soak the glove in this mixture and lather the vehicle in parts, starting from the roof so that the dirt from the upper area does not dirty already washed areas. In addition, so the soap falls to the underside, dragging the accumulated dust.

4. Soap in a straight line, without making circles and without pressing.

5. Rinse the glove with clean water every time you finish with an area and before putting it back in the bucket with soap.

6. Clarifies by parts: roof, doors, hood and under body. Be sure to remove all traces of detergent to avoid leaving marks.

7.  Finally, we will pass the towel without pressing. Don’t dry it in the sun or while riding – it will get dirty faster, as water droplets trap dust and dirt from the air.

8.  If you decide to wax it, the goal is not to shine it, but to protect the paint. It is recommended to do it every three months.

9.  To clean the interior, take out what you have inside and vacuum.

10. The fabric upholstery can be washed with water and a little bit of special foam. If it is leather, with specific products, like the dashboard, because otherwise we could scratch the plastic.

11. We will let them dry with the doors open, in order to allow air to enter, or by removing the seats to dry in the sun.

12.  We can clean the moon and the windows with glass cleaner or alcohol and a cloth or newspaper.