Is Human Growth Hormones For Real?

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Human growth hormones are non-steroidal, with no alcohol content, and can be found in almost every kind of food. The active ingredients that stimulate the body into growing and transforming are all derived from plants, including soy, oats, wheat, sugar cane, rice, potatoes, and other vegetable sources. This is all-natural, and there are no negative side effects of consuming growth hormones or increasing your body’s hormone levels naturally.

The exact reasons for growing taller are not fully understood, but what is known is that a hormone known as GH is needed to stimulate the bones, muscles, and skin to produce more collagen, elastin, and proteins. Increased collagen and elastin production lead to increased bone density, which is where the “growth plates” located in your spine. This is also the basis for bones to become stronger and denser, along with the possibility of developing cartilage.

When a person is growing and having a child, they are also producing this growth hormone to help their body develop as they approach puberty. It is believed that the amount of growth hormone in the body increases when a woman becomes pregnant. With repeated exposure to it, your body becomes accustomed to the levels being increased, and it is not clear whether this will result in the possible increase in height seen after puberty.

Studies have shown that human growth hormone levels in adults have decreased in the last thirty years. However, as these people age, their body begins to produce less growth hormone. A high blood glucose level is thought to be a factor for the loss of hormone production in older people. High blood glucose levels, associated with diabetes, are commonly associated with not being able to use the hormone.

Even the short-term use of human growth hormones has been shown to cause some side effects, especially if the body is lacking a certain enzyme that is needed to regulate the release of the hormone. This enzyme is usually present in the intestines, but if it is not present, the hormones will have difficulty entering the bloodstream, resulting in a decrease in height, and weight gain. The most serious side effect can be obesity, where the height and weight gain caused by the hormone can be permanent.

You can expect that an adult human growth hormone treatment will result in the same amount of change as children. The only real difference is the length of time that you may experience. Studies have shown that hormone treatments can extend life in animals by up to nine months, which is a considerable amount of time.

Most companies that sell human growth hormones make it quite clear that this is not a treatment for a child or an adult, but that this is for medical reasons. There are severe risks involved, so doctors who decide to try human growth hormones do so only after exhausting all other options. This may be a helpful answer to a serious medical problem, but it is not for everyone.

In conclusion, there is no scientific proof that human growth hormones can be used to increase height increase health, and some side effects can be serious. Be sure to speak to your doctor or an experienced professional in the field before embarking on this treatment. If you are interested in it, make sure that you have done your research and are aware of the risks involved.