Hunter Safety System X-1 Treestand Hunting Harness Review

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Hunter Safety System X-1 Treestand Hunting Harness Review. Every hunter faces safety problems at some point in their hunting journey. Especially, hunters who use tree stand while hunting faces the trouble most. As we know, the tree stand is something that helps people to get attached to trees. So, there might be a high chance of falling. And nobody would probably like to go hunting bearing in mind such tension and fear. In this case, a hunting harness can be a great solution to this problem. It keeps hunters secured and provides maximum protection.

Sometimes people end up buying malfunctioned harnesses while looking for something cheap. And it leads them to serious injuries. That’s why it is essential to search for the best rather than looking for cheap materials. There is a saying, “If you have a one-dollar head, protect it with a one-dollar helmet.” In essence, it means how much you value your life. The point is if you are on a treestand without any harness means you less care about your life. So, here we will introduce you to the best safety harness for hunting that can help you to get your job done. The X-1 hunting harness is one of the most famous models of safety harness. It is specially designed for bow hunters. So, let’s check out its essential features:

Excellent Design:

First, you will notice the significant feature of the X-1 Hunting Harness is its comfortable design. It comes in a compact design and allows hunters to hunt for a much longer season. And the harness won’t interfere with your draw as its fabric is woven and ensure you that it won’t make noise at the time of hunting. Besides that, the treestand harness doesn’t feature a lot of loops and buckles for hanging off to catch on the tree. As a result, it becomes a quiet harness.

Lightweight and Comfortable:

The X-1 Harness is made with high-quality material, which makes it lightweight, durable, and comfortable. It weighs around 2.5 lbs. And so, users get all-day comfort and mobility while hunting.


Engineers have carefully designed the harness so that it suits all-weather and fits almost any cloth. For that, you can comfortably wear it over lightweight clothes or underneath cold-weather gears. So, you can use it anytime.

Durable & Fall Prevention:

Another essential feature of this X-1 Hunter Safety System is its building materials. It is comprised of multiple, breakable stitches which help you slow your fall. That means it is not like the other traditional harness that snaps you tight. As you know, an immediate stop can injure you or slam you against the tree. So, this harness doesn’t come with the feature of snapping.

Ensure Maximum Safety:

It has no dangerous dangling-straps or confusing weave-through buckles which assure you optimal safety. The harness is certified safe and conforms to all the standards which are set by the treestand Manufacturer’s Association.


The X-1 Hunting Harness features a lot of accessories which let you experience the best hunting adventure. It has the primary tree strap, suspension relief strap, safe-use instruction, and DVD. The features help hunters, especially who are beginners.
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Durable construction
• Doesn’t make noise
• Ensure maximum safety
• Affordable price
• The design could be better


When you hunt, you must remain safe. In this case, a tree stand can be helpful, though. It decreases the risk of being detected by deer and provides maximum coverage. Also, it enables you to level up your skills. Besides using a tree stand, it will be a wise decision to wear a safety harness as it doubles your safety.

A safety harness is also a vital piece of equipment in terms of safety. It keeps you secured and prevents falling. But all hunting harness can’t provide you such protection. Hence, you need to be cautious enough while purchasing this hunting stuff. However, after researching a lot, we found the X-1 safety system as one of the best hunting harness available in the market today. It has all the features that an ideal harness should have. And it fits hunters of almost all sizes. So, you can use this hunting harness for your next adventure.