Could You Use Cheap Compound Hunting Bows In The Woods?

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This article will be talking all about a few of the new and cheap compound hunting bows on the market. These latest bows all bring much excitement to the future archery and the innovations are getting better and better.

Cabela’s Outfitter Series PL-1

This is a compound bow that has very short limbs, and a long riser that makes for an exciting combo. Parallel Limb Technology really helps greatly to reduce shock and vibration. This one cam bow can throw arrows out at around 300 feet per second.

Hoyt Xtec

At only 35 inches axle to axle length, this cam ½ bow is fully loaded. It seems Hoyt knows where they want to go with new innovations and now seems to be leading the way. TEC riser technology, the new Triax pocket stabilization system, which increases the breadth of contact between the dowel and the riser providing one sturdy compound hunting bow.

Bowtech Liberty

I am thinking of purchasing one of these cheap compound hunting bows myself. This bow provides virtually no hand shock what so ever with its vertical force technology. The new idler cam gives you even a smoother draw than before. The 7 ½ inch brace height is very forgiving and can reach and IBO speed of 308!

Pse Mach 12

This bow is fast! 318 fps and has several advances that make it one of this year’s sleeper bows. You get string leeches already, adjustable let off, single-cam bow with a 6 3/8 inch brace height help to power this speed demon bow.

Browning Mirage

This is one of the newest cheap compound hunting bows as well, it has a tri idler system that greatly increases anyone’s accuracy, stability, and overall feel. Ultra-lightweight, adjustable let-off and comes in at only 33 inches axle to axle. It also features the new Zx split harness one cam for a super smooth draw.

Tips To Compound Bows

Now more than ever, the internet makes it easy to search for pse compound bows. Deals can be found on the top manufacturers such as Hoyt, Mathews, and PSE just with a few clicks of a mouse. There are many features to consider when looking for pse compound bows:

Draw Weight

How large of a draw weight are you looking for? You don’t want to jump to the hard ones first, gradually build yourself up to reach the higher draw weights.

Weight of Bow

You don’t want to lug around heavy pse compound bows when walking through the woods. You’ll be carrying enough gear already, including knives, arrows, etc. Look for a bow that weighs less than 5 lbs. or you’ll soon be wishing you had!


Are you left-handed or right-handed? Most pse compound bows can come either way, but most have defaulted for the right-handed person. Be sure to check this before you order so you can avoid the hassle of exchanging it. Also, see if the bow has a padded grip. One of these may help keep your hands from aching as much.


Does the bow you’re looking at include camo? Don’t overlook this, because a solid color bow will stand out in the woods against your camo clothes. Try to get a bow with a camo pattern similar to your outfit.
By considering these factors when shopping your pse compound bows, you’re sure to get a good deal on a bow you love!