What is ICL Meaning in Text

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what is icl meaning in text

Users of TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat frequently begin their posts with “ICL Meaning,” which stands for “I can’t lie,” to highlight the truth they are going to express. It is comparable to the NGL and cap phrases that users frequently add to their social media posts.

I can’t lie

Before throwing a truth bomb, people usually utilize ICL to warn the recipient and advise them to prepare for impact. Your pal might post something like, “ICL, I’m divorcing Michael.”

The confession might not always be so dramatic, though. To your pal, you could text, “ICL, the burgers are a little overdone.”

What Does ICL Mean in Emails and Messages?

ICL is a closing abbreviation for Christian love that Christians might use to wrap up an email or internet message. It describes a kind of love—not romantic love—that individuals have for one another that is based on and maintained by Jesus.

In Christian love

For instance, you might conclude a correspondence or online communication to your bible study leader with “ICL mean text, Brad.” Although it’s frequently used to finish a conversation, folks can also use it to begin a phrase. For instance, your acquaintance might text you and say, “Josh’s faithfulness impresses me.” He is powerful.

Related Slang

TTTTTo tell the truth
immaI’m gonna
ISTGI swear to God
ATTTAin’t that the truth
NGLNot gonna lie
IKRI know, right?
TBTTruth be told
DLTMDon’t lie to me
blvmotBelieve me on that
No capNo lie

Conclusion on ICL Meaning in Text

In the modern era, slang is very common in chatting. Whoever uses this slang thinks that it makes them cool and classical. However, it depends upon the ease with which you want to use it or not. It’s 2024 right? So stick to the trends and look more dope. Moreover, we hope that this article was informative for you. If yes comment below that which slang review and use case you want us to write on. 

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