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How to Make an Instagram Story Content Plan?

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Make an Instagram Story Content Plan. Instagram stories are a useful prop that can boost your business. If you are searching for a comprehensive guide that can help you to plan some Instagram stories then here is the solution for you.

With the support of this article, you can plan stories, create them, optimize them and schedule them for enhancing businesses.

Following are the steps:

Select a Theme and Style For Instagram:

As you are highly focused on some other online marketing strategies to boost sales of your product, Instagram marketing tactics also required attention. Instagram gives you three options to reach your viewers. One of them is Instagram stories. Buy Real Instagram Likes, Do not go for ordinary or usual content. Give a unique style to it. Add some creative and novel ideas. Show your presence with your specific theme. The content must be appealing and entertaining that can amuse your audience. The types of content you are using in the Instagram stories reflect your branding sense.

Therefore, you should consider a few elements before making your Instagram stories.

  • Choice of your font
  • Color of your font
  • Filters

Think about what colors are most associated with your brand and consider those colors to use as your fonts, background colors, or text boxes.

For example, there are so many well-known brands that use their brand colors in their stories. Agora pulse, whose brand color is orange,  the orange color not only in font styling but also in stickers.

There is another thing that you need to consider while creating Instagram stories, which is your brand’s personality. It the brand is more feminine than you should prefer pink and other female-oriented colors. If your brand is about showing strength and power, you should go for classic or strong fonts.

Choose the one color that is best suited to your brand and make that your permanent brand font color as it will consistently be used. The same goes for the choice of filters.

Think Over the Content of Instagram Stories

The next thing you can do is creatively plan content for Instagram stories. Brainstorm ideas for content. Involve your fellows, get suggestions and list down ideas. The appealing content requires you to first figure out your objective that why you are using Instagram. What’s the purpose behind this? You should think about

  • Do you want to generate more sales?
  • Do you want to spread awareness about your brand?

Considering all these questions that why you are using Instagram stories, you will get familiar with what type of content can better serve your idea.

Create Your Content for Instagram Stories:

Here comes your creativity. Think, search or get help for creating your content for Instagram stories. Buy Followers Instagram ,The content of the Instagram stories must seem catchy to the eyes and more appealing to the target audience.

You can use photos and videos to create more quality content.

Get More Engagement Via Instagram Stories:

Your stories are more attractive and engaging and achieve the desired goal in a better manner when you incorporate relevant material like features and stickers to your stories. For Story stickers you may get options like:

  • Music
  • Quiz
  • Poll
  • Games
  • Puzzle
  • Questions

This type of stuff will help you grab the attention of the audience. They get entertaining stuff and mesmerizing experience that will always connect them with a specific brand or page.

Get Better Reach Via Worthy Content On Instagram:

The Above mentioned tactics give you a better source to create some worthy stories. Now here are some strategies that can help you to increase reach. The increased reach means increased Instagram exposure. For this purpose:

  • Use instagram location tags
  • Post at specific date and time that is more suitable for response and feedback.
  • Be quick to respond to people who write comments and send inbox messages.
  • Apply hashtags.


As it is guided in this article, there are many different ways with the help of which you can create stories on Instagram. When you consider all of these things, your story will be more appealing and attention-grabbing which will resultantly increase your followers and spread awareness about the brand.