Why You Should Take an Introductory Fitness Class Today, According to Winnipeg Fitness Coach Gabriel Patterson

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Why You Should Take an Introductory Fitness Class Today. Often, when beginning a weight loss journey, the first action is to sign up for a Bootcamp, the hip new gym, or the hot new fitness class. However, one of the biggest secrets of the fitness industry is that most new gym memberships and fitness subscriptions will go unused. Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg fitness coach, details one of the best ways to avoid falling into that trap: introductory fitness classes.

Most fitness studios, classes, and gyms have free introductory offers. Some range from as little as one free class to as much as a free month. The trial period is entirely dependent upon the company and the subject; however, most classes will offer a free introductory or even observatory class for people interested in joining.

One of the most common objections to attending introductory classes and trial periods is a fear of having to sign up for the class and pay at that moment. Although it may take some mental fortitude to wait to sign up, it is worth it. Trying a variety of classes gives a more thorough overview of what’s available.

When attending an introductory or trial fitness class, try to honestly assess the level of skill needed for the class. People that have significant mobility issues should evaluate whether a class with lots of kicking and jumping would be a good idea. If walking up a flight of stairs causes shortness of breath, it might be good to rethink a spin class as your first foray into fitness classes.

Owners of sports clubs studios do not mind if a customer decides to take more time to decide before signing up after the class. Owners and sales representatives know that the best way to ensure future sales is to have clients that enjoy, attend, and start to show results from their classes. Satisfied customers are the best driver of future sales.

Another benefit of introductory fitness classes is that they allow you to see the difference in styles and approaches to an exercise. For every standard low-intensity yoga class, there is a fast-paced yoga class done in humid and hot weather. Some people enjoy Shaolin style Kung Fu and others prefer things like Judo or Jiu-Jitsu. Trying out different styles can be part of a unique fitness journey that leads to a healthier and happier you.

The end goal of experimenting with trial fitness classes is to find an exercise style that works for you. Some people enjoy running in the park; others enjoy running at the gym. Some people like structured classes while others prefer to do their own thing. Winnipeg fitness coach Gabriel Patterson firmly believes that for exercise and fitness to become an integral part of your life, it must first become something you enjoy. As necessary as exercise is, it becomes easier to incorporate into your life when it becomes something that brings you joy.

Introductory classes are a great way to learn about an exercise regime without having to invest a significant amount of time or money. Finding a trial fitness class will add some excitement to getting fit and will help to reduce the guilt associated with paying for a gym or class that you later decide was just not for you. Remove the guilt (and the expense); try an introductory fitness class today!