Is Custom Gun Vault Room A Necessity?

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Gun owners are increasing day by day. The reason could be self-defense, hunting, sport shooting, personal preference, or hobby. Whatever the reason, being along with ownership of a gun comes a big responsibility for its safety. The National firearms did recent studies show that most of the guns acquired over the past twenty years are handguns. Studies also show that 32% of people in the United States possess guns, while 44% report living in a gun household.  Primarily, it is essential to keep the gun safe when not in use.

What are custom gun vault rooms?

Custom gun vault rooms are the rooms, as the name suggests, to safely keep all your arms and ammunition. The customized interiors and a lot of other options are available for them. The room configuration is to add long guns, short guns, and handguns.

The room is of solid concrete walls with a reinforced steel grid inside the concrete. The thickness of the walls is eight-inch, though it can variate according to thickness and thinness requirements. According to the budget, vault room designs are with layers of steel and fireboard. It is an affordable choice for people. These rooms come with added features of fire safety and technical security.

Gun vault doors

An affordable choice is to add a door to a closet or a closed space in the house. It helps you get a bigger room as sometimes we start our collection with one gun but end up with many. The doors provide security and safety to firearms. These are not ordinary doors. They are designed in a way to deceive people that it is a vault room. Security and fire safety are the essential features of these doors. Secrecy is a vital aspect of security.

Instead of showing a big gun safe, a custom gun vault room comes with a secret vault door to maintain security.

Why is it essential to have a custom gun vault room 

As gun owners have numerous reasons for possession of a gun, it is crucially important to keep the firearm safe. Proper precautions are required to avoid accidents.

  • The fundamental rule to gun safety- The manual of gun safety explains that it is vital for the owner to know who has access to the firearms and when. It can cause more significant harm or damage if in the hands of a burglar or a thief. The other people live in the household, not only your family members but also the help in the house or friends who visit while designing your gun vault, as it is a dangerous property that can cause damage or loss of life. A see-through or a breakable case is not an option at all.
  • Child access protection- Most of the United States states have guidelines regarding that children should be prevented from accessing guns through safes. The children should not necessarily be yours, and the penalty for accessing a firearm can vary according to the outcome of negligent storage practices. To explain to small minds the reason for possession of a gun can be confusing; therefore, their safety must keep the weapons in the custom gun vault rooms.
  • Laws for firearm locking devices- Eleven States have clear guidelines regarding locking firearms even if there are no children in the house. California has standards to determine how secure a firearm safety device must be. Massachusetts is the only state that requires all firearms kept under lock and key. New York, Connecticut, and California impose such a requirement under specific conditions. Other state laws are general and are more concerned about keeping firearms secure and out of unauthorized users’ hands.
  • Insurance requirements- The factors are riding on the type and number of guns possessed. The insurance companies request you to keep guns in a certified and alarmed safe for security. It is always better to discuss your specific needs with the insurance provider before buying a safe. Some insurance companies ask to split their collection between numerous safes to reduce the chances of burglary.
  • Tax rebate- The secure firearms act allows a deduction of around $1200 to purchase a gun safe. Consultation with an accountant is always helpful before buying a safe.

To Sum it upGuns are a way to protect you and your family but can be a dangerous asset. Not only by securing and keeping it safely in a safe, but you also show that you are a responsible citizen of the country. You protect your second amendment right by keeping your firearm in a custom gun vault room.