Is Diabetes Sneaking Up On You? 10 Early Warning Signs

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With the rates of diabetes amongst American adults surpassing 10% according to some estimates, the chances that you or somebody you know suffers from diabetes are high. Unfortunately, diabetes could result in severe complications such as stroke and heart failure if left unmanaged or untreated. Thus, recognizing the early warning signs of diabetes goes a long way in managing the condition. El Centro diabetes specialist Dr. Prabhdeep Singh outlines 10 of the most common signs of early diabetes. Check out this post to find out more.

1.      Constant Urination 

If you have increased blood sugar, your kidneys release excessive blood sugar, leading you to pass urine more often. One of the warning indications of diabetes is constant urination that is urgent enough to force you to visit the washroom in the middle of the night.

2.      Heightened Thirst

When your kidneys work overtime and urinate more often, essential fluids are drained from your tissues. Constant urination causes you to experience increased thirstiness.

3.      Hazy Vision

Increased blood sugar levels could trigger damage to the tiny blood vessels in the eye, culminating in a bulging lens and blurred vision. Your vision may resume normalcy or worsen as your sugar levels drop or rise.

4.      Heightened Hunger

Whenever your blood sugar level is high, your body tries to eliminate it. As a result, you may experience heightened hunger as your body expels a lot of glucose from your food.

5.      Fatigue

Whenever your blood sugar level is high, your body functions to eliminate the sugar over time. This process damages your body and changes the way your body metabolizes glucose for energy. Hyperglycemia, or dangerously high blood sugar, causes fatigue, among other symptoms. Dehydration, which comes with constant urination, is also a prominent reason for fatigue in diabetics.

6.      Unexpected Weight Loss

When you release surplus glucose, you are losing your primary energy source. Consequently, if your body cannot metabolize glucose for energy, it begins burning muscle and fat, resulting in weight loss. Unexplained weight loss is deemed substantial at 10 pounds or 5% of total body weight.

7.      Slow Healing Wounds And Cuts

Damaged blood vessels cause decreased blood circulation in the same way that damaged eye tissue causes blurred vision. Blood has a difficult time reaching the damaged area as a result, hence, causing minor wounds or cuts to take weeks or even months to heal. This sluggish healing renders unhealed wounds and cuts more susceptible to infections, heightening the danger of amputation.

8.      Discoloration Of The Skin

Insulin resistance could prompt black spots on your skin (acanthosis nigricans) to appear in the creases of your neck, groin, or underarm area. The texture of this tanned skin might be elevated and silky.

9.      Numbness Or Tingling In The Feet Or Hands

High blood sugar levels can have serious consequences on your nerves. Numbness or tingling are common symptoms of nerve injury, which can progress to pain or neuropathy with time.

10.  Yeast Infections

Whether in your genital areas, mouth, or armpits, yeast thrives in an environment with excess sugar in your urine and blood. Keeping your blood sugar in check can help you avoid acquiring yeast infections.

Have you observed one or more of the signs and symptoms highlighted above? If so, you might have diabetes. Do not delay seeking expert care to prevent your condition from becoming a more serious health concern. Arrange an appointment with Prabhdeep Singh, M.D., F.A.C.P. to discuss your symptoms and find a solution. Based on your unique circumstances, Dr. Singh may suggest medication, exercise, or diet to help manage the condition. Call the El Centro, CA office or request a consultation online to learn more.

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