Is TBC Leveling Faster than Classic?

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The announcement of the presentation of the new version of the famous World of Warcraft causes a new wave of discussion among players. A new WoW TBC aroused the interest of both experienced gamers and newbies.

One of the topics that interest everyone the most is the peculiarities of the Classic Burning Crusade boosting. Every gamer knows the importance of the character boosting process. If you want to get the maximum from a video game, try all skills and weapons, pass every quest, etc., you need to boost your personage. That is why there is a demand to discover what specifics WOW TBC boosting has.

There is a popular opinion that TBC leveling is faster than the classic one. Well, this statement is true. A character developing in the TBC version of WoW is much faster than it is in the Classic.

If you choose the TBC version, you do not need to spend a couple of weeks on getting to the 60th level and receiving beneficial equipment. Experts state that leveling to the 60th stage in TBC will take no more than 2-3 days of playing.

Moreover, some other points are better in the new WoW version:

  • The quality of the gameplay
  • Difficulty of raids and dungeons
  • Updated list of races
  • New professions

Furthermore, creators have prepared more exciting quests and spectacular trials.

How to Miss TBC Boost?

If you want to progress in the game, you cannot miss a character boost. However, if you do not have enough time and effort to spend on the personage upgrade process, you can buy boosting services.

Fortunately, the modern video game industry is very progressive; so, there are a lot of special services that carry a professional character advancement.

When you buy a character boosting, you get a chance to receive a quality personage development without spending a lot of your time on this process. Moreover, it is convenient for those gamers who do not have enough experience and necessary knowledge and skills.

It is possible to choose a service that you need. It could be passing a certain quest or leveling to a definite stage.