Top 5 Best Kids Tablet 2019

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Kids Tablet – Your child is fascinated by your touch pad, but you do not want to take the risk of spoiling it or having access to adult content? Touch tablets are made expressly for children, as much by their container as their content! The ones I have selected have proved their worth thanks to the relaxing and educational games they offer. This top 5 of the best kids tablet is made for parents who want to spoil their child with the best value for money. Best 2 in 1 Laptop

Leapfrog: A high quality tablet for kids

Leapfrog is the market leader in children’s touch tablets. If it is in the 5th place of this comparison and not in the top 3, it is due to its price, higher than its 4 competitors. This new tablet is the latest generation tablet that will delight the 3 to 9 years! Its 5-inch screen is nice to handle. She is fast and fluid and her two cameras are fun for kids. Do not worry, the Wi-Fi connection is secure.

This tablet is really well adapted to the little ones thanks to its protection which will be able to save it of many falls without ever spoiling it! Your children will have access to 20 games-cartridges but also to many educational applications. The Leappad 2 was battery operated which was not very practical. This new model finally has a battery, which really takes care! The stylus has a practical foam tip for the quiet side when the child taps on the tablet. It is easily stored on the back of the device.

You can even create multiple accounts if the tablet is for multiple children. This tablet has a design less “toy” than others. For those who have a good budget and who prefer the quality of components, I highly recommend!

Dragon Touch: A touch pad for children at a very good price-quality ratio

This tablet with a childish design and a flashy blue color will appeal to the little ones. Its content is suitable for very young audiences. Do not be fooled by its appearance, it hides a pretty big power. It is very easy to use. It’s a really intuitive tablet, even at first start. As a parent, you can even borrow it from your kids to read or watch HD videos. This model is lightweight and reinforced to resist falls.

Frequent updates are proposed to obtain an ever more efficient device. I was delighted with this tablet! She has everything I want from this kind of product. It is an excellent value for money. This model comes with a protective case, which will certainly serve you during outings. The battery is a little less than that of Alldaymall or iRulu babypad, but the HD image is very nice, the sound is good and the interface fluid and intuitive.

JYJ: A small budget mini tablet for kids

This small budget tablet completely fulfills its mission. This Jyj product is much smaller than the other competitors of this test of the Best Tablets for Kids in 2020. It is the size of a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 but allows a good grip for the little ones.

The touch is responsive for a product of this price range. You can play educational games on but also games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, which brings diversity to this tablet. Wi-Fi is secured by parental controls and keeps you connected easily. In addition, it is very well protected against shocks. Given the very low price of this tablet, I did not expect a product of such good quality. I highly recommend it to young children.

Your children will feast by manipulating this very simple model of use. The battery is not as good as the Leapfrog tablet. But for the price it displays, there is nothing wrong. In summary, it is a beautiful solid product and small price! This is a very nice gift idea!

iRULU BabyPad: A touch pad with a super resolution

This iRULU tablet is a 7-inch, larger than the Leapfrog model. It’s a great gift for kids. There is a secure mode and another where you can access all the content of the Play Store, so that older adults can use it at their convenience!

The colorful silicone case catches the eye and makes children want to use it. Even if they tend not to take good care of their business, this tablet will resist any abuse! The iRULU brand is in full development and is known for producing high performance tablets at very attractive prices. I was not disappointed at all with this product. Hundreds of educational apps are already provided by age group.

The resolution of the screen is excellent, better than that of the JYJ tablet. With her bright colors and sharp images, she keeps her promises. Like the Leapfrog tablet, it holds 2 cameras. But it has the advantage of being much cheaper. This iRULU tablet has good finishes, fluid touch and quality sound. I am very satisfied with this product and I bet you will be too!

Alldaymall A88X: The Best Touch Pad for Kids

Without question the best value for money. In my opinion, this is the best children’s touch pad on the market. We can increase the memory by adding a micro SD: enough to store your photos, movies, music and applications, which is a plus! This model is ultra thin and light. It’s a 7-inch tablet, just like the iRULU brand, which allows you to play as well as watch a movie on a big screen. A protective film is provided which I greatly appreciated.

This is the model with the best battery that I could find (6 hours of autonomy). This tablet is perfect for children. We can only be surprised by its quality and fluidity. Without a bad word: it’s a breeze to use it, which is very good! I did not think that a tablet at this price could so overwhelm all its competitors. It will undoubtedly be emulated in your family! Many wholesale tablets distributors are available in the market where you can buy easily in wholesale price.