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8 Kitchen Decor Trends for Summer 2019

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Kitchen Decor Trends for Summer – Summer is the right time to decorate your kitchen according to the latest trends. The reason is the days are long and you can easily do the work. Majority of the homeowners are looking for these days to kick start the work. So, if you are planning to update the look of your kitchen, then this is the right time to do so. To help you out, following are the trends for summer 2019 that will surely enhance the look of your house. The Kitchen Decor trends shared here are affordable and will make your kitchen look good.

Let’s get started:

1-Turn Kitchen Space into Seaside Gateway

Wait! We are not talking about tracking all sand in the house as it will be everywhere. We are focusing on adding some fresh new content pieces into the house for the beach vibes. You can pick a new cabinet color to add color in your kitchen. For this purpose, you can see many colors out there to pick the best. But remember that painting the cabinets is a big project to tackle. Keeping all this in view, if you are looking for professional help, then you can connect with kitchen designers Cape Cod for the satisfactory results.

You should add beach décor in the vein of nautical accent pieces. You can place seashell centerpieces for table, island or wicker furniture items like hanging baskets and stools. Furthermore, our bowls and plates can also get a maritime theme. The open shelving will be a perfect opportunity to display the natural novelties for the summer.

2-Go With Bold and Bright Hues for Summertime Fun

It is an established fact that the addition of colors is a great way to revitalize your room. Furthermore, the color of paint also affects the mood so the selection should be made accordingly. You should choose a color that will brighten up your day.

If you are interested to have a nautical theme, navy or any other shades, then this will be best for the summer. But if you are going for something different, then you should use try yellows or orange shade. Furthermore, the shades of green and blue will give you a shot of happiness. The addition of these colors will bring splashes of vibrant colors in an effective way to bring summer inside your home.

You should replace your old seat pillows and cushions with a bright and bold choice to enhance the look of your space. If you are looking for more ideas, then you can contact kitchen interior designers.

3-Add a Rug or Curtains with Summery Patterns

You should be thinking of adding patterns to break up the continuous space. If you are looking for some bold option, then you should use a summery pattern for your kitchen backsplash or even the flooring.

For breaking the uniform space, you need to use a rug or floor mat with intricate patterns. This does not only add the summer flares but will also keep your barefoot when you are coming inside your kitchen during all these pool parties. Furthermore, you should update the look of your curtains with something eye-catching for extending the theme.

4-Add Some Animal Prints

Animal prints are one of the ways to blend nature and home together. You can select something like giraffe prints, leopard, and zebra. This addition will be a fun twist for your kitchen space. Irrespective of the fact that you are going to plan this year, make your kitchen an extension of your outdoor summertime fun. You can use this idea for your large or simple small kitchen design to give it a complete makeover.

5-Stay Calm with Calming White and Wood Kitchen

If you are looking for a minimalistic look, then you can go with the Scandinavian kitchen design. You will like the idea of adding wood in your kitchen space as per the design. Remember that when you are going to bring natural and raw element inside the kitchen you will feel that you never left the great outdoors. In addition, you should display your wood bowls and cutting boards on countertops. You can also consider hanging these items in the open space to get the more decorative appeal.

As long as you are bringing nature inside, you can also plant your own succulents like aloe or cactus in the kitchen. For adding a little twist, you can try to grow them in a giant seashell. With this, you will incorporate nautical beach theme and will get a little greenery in your indoor space as well.

6-Enhancing Texture for Cozy Summer

No matter what season it is, adding texture to your kitchen is always the best thing. During summer, you will try to incorporate it via burlap and linen accents. For your information, burlap is a versatile material. You can add it as a table runner for the Fourth of July or Labor Day parties. This will also look good when wrapped around decorative candles or mason jars. On the other hand, the linen is adaptable. This is a light and airy material that is perfect for the scorching summer days.

7-Terracotta- A New Addition

Moving on a train of texture, terracotta is the next stop. If you are looking to add an earthy and Mediterranean feel to your kitchen, then this clay-based ceramic will do the job. Furthermore, if you are going for natural, raw materials route, then this clay will work best with your Kitchen Decor choices.

8-Freshen Up Area with Decorative Kitchen Scents

Without any doubt, scents have an impact on our moods. The summer season is all about soaking as much sunshine and fresh air as we can. You can incorporate some revitalizing smells like melon and cucumber along with summer breeze in your room. Moreover, candles also provide an enchanting aroma for your kitchen space and also act as decorative pieces around your kitchen wrapped in burlap.

Hope now you are having summer trending kitchen décor ideas for 2019. You can use them all or pick one or two according to your own preference and need. And if you are looking to get Cape Cod style kitchen design, then you need to get in touch with professional companies for the desired makeover.