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Home and Kitchen Renovation By RoomFour

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Home and Kitchen Renovation By RoomFour. RoomFour is a Melbourne, Australia based Kitchen and Home design is well as a renovation company. We have been serving Melbourne Locality for their kitchen and home design and renovation needs for over a decade.

RoomFour is probably the best home design and renovation service that you can find in Melbourne. When it comes to the kitchen design as well as the home renovating, you want a service that offers long-lasting results. You can’t afford to do renovation or maintenance of your kitchen every month and not just for the money, this never-ending maintenance work because of poor quality of work can drive you crazy.

What you need is a professional Home and Kitchen Renovation service that offers results that last for years. And this is what RoomFour here for.  

More about RoomFour:

It is quite hard to find reasonable Home and Kitchen renovation services these days especially here in Melbourne where you just have so many options in front of you. You want a service that is collaborative, understands your vision and gives you design exactly as you want it to be.

RoomFour staff understands the importance of this fact. That is why they do everything in their power to deliver you the design of your dreams.

When it comes to kitchen design, you want to make sure that it sits well with the rest of the place. Plus, the added ease of use and elegant look. We have a wide range of pretty classy ideas for a Kitchen renovation that you can check out. And if you want a custom design then just let us know what you have in mind. If it is possible to build that design in the given space, we can build that for you.

We have a staff of certified interior designers you can consult with to create a custom home or kitchen design for your place. Once you are done with the design, you’d need a group of professional builders who can create that design for you. We have registered master builders at our disposal who have outstanding craftsmanship ship skills and who offer a guaranteed quality of work.

We believe in collaboration. Throughout the entire project, we stay in contact with all parties, the designers, builders, supplies providers, tradesmen and of course the clients to make sure that things stay on track.

Home and kitchens by room four are probably the fastest home and kitchen renovation service here in Melbourne. We make sure that the project that we are working on doesn’t exceed the due date.            

Our Services:

We offer complete Home and Kitchen design and renovation services. From the initial idea to end implementation, we stay by your side each step of the way. We try our best to keep the pressure away from our clients at all times.

We offer guaranteed quality of work. We offer 10 years’ build quality warranty and 15 years of waterproof warranty. And as mentioned before, with our services you’ll be assured that the start and finish date of the project would be guaranteed.