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Know About Leaf Blowers And Garden Vacuums

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Gardening tools that propel air out of their nozzle to move debris like fallen leaves and grass cuttings are available as leaf blowers. Such machines are either electric (corded and cordless) or petrol-powered. Petrol blowers use both two and four-stroke engines. Irrelevant of the fuel type, leaf blowers are available as a handheld, backpack, and walk behind.

What are the uses of a leaf blower?

Leaf blowers provide excellent results when you have to remove debris from any surface that a rake might damage. Still, its conventional usage is the same that’s knocking your mind right now. Whether you have a small garden or a large lawn, such tools are the best to clean it up. Compact models are suitable for small areas. If you own a significant piece of land, then you should prefer their powerful versions, most probably the petrol dependents. But leaf blowers can be more than just a device that removes some old leaves from your lawn or garden.

Easy way to lose calories

A leaf blower requires some manual labor that can do wonders for your rusting heart. Handheld models come with a moderate weight and size. When you use such a machine to clean your garden or patio in and out, your body is enjoying a light cardio-workout that’s not straining at all.

Can remove the snow

A powerful leaf blower works as good as a snowblower. Moreover, it is convenient to use when you compare the physical labor of snow shovel or a heavy snowblower. If you need to remove light snow up to one inch, then use a leaf blower.

Clean the gutters

Gutter cleaning is a time taking task, especially if you are doing it manually. The situation changes with a leaf blower because it can blast clean the gutters without wasting much time of yours. You only have to be careful while cleaning the roof and the tool will do the trick.

Makes car cleaning easier

If there is one place where you can find lots of nooks and crannies while cleaning, then it’s your car. What’s more? All these corners are generally filled with dust and debris that you cannot remove manually. Enter the leaf blower, which can easily clean the smallest area of your vehicle with minimal effort.

Vacuum blower

A garden vacuum cum blower can pick up and leaves and other small debris from an area. Some of these machines like WORX WG512 Trivac also have a mulch function that can make some organic fertilizer for your lawn. Switching between the functions of a blower, vacuum and mulch are easy using a switch. These garden tools are available in electric and petrol models that you can choose according to the available area.

What are the available types of vacuum blower?

Browse for vacuum blowers and you will notice that there are two designs available.

1: Separate nozzle

As you might guess from the name, vacuum cum blowers with a separate nozzle come with two tubes. A wide hose that you can use to pick leaves while a narrow one when you need to blow them. To change the functionality, you need to replace the tubes accordingly. Check the Black + Decker BV6000 to know what we are talking about here.

2: Dual nozzle

A garden vacuum with dual nozzle has both the tubes inbuilt, which means you don’t have to change the tubes according to the required functionality. You only need to turn a dial or move some lever and the vacuum will change into the blower or vice-versa. As you do not have to manually replace the hoses, this category is convenient and user-friendly. WORX WG512 Trivac is one of those examples.

What are the uses of a vacuum blower?

Cleaning a garden filled with a large number of fallen leaves can be a tough task. Its where a garden vacuum comes into the picture and picks up leaves from all any area including corners where a rake cannot reach. So, whether you need to clear some stacked leaves or you need to remove debris from your patio, lawn fences, pathways or flower beds, a 3 in 1 garden vacuum comes handy. You can also use the vacuum and mulch function in combination to supply some extra nutrition to your lawn grasses or flowerbeds.