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Latest Trends in Luxury Real Estate

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The real estate sector is growing everyday in India and more and more people are looking to invest in it. It provides an avenue for safe investment and favourable returns when the time arises. The demand for luxury real estate has increased in the past few years and is only going to increase even more in the years to come. This is evident at the number of upcoming villa projects in North Bangalore and even in other parts of the country. The luxury real estate market essentially promises a high standard of living, the latest engineering and technology concepts and top of the line amenities. 

There are certain emerging trends that have taken over the luxury real estate space all aiming at providing the highest standards of living and ensuring maximum comfort to the end user. A few of these have already been adopted in various ongoing villa projects in Bangalore and around the country. Some trends mentioned below will help in providing an insight into the changing environment and how the way we live will change drastically in the years to come. 

  • The green building concept – any building that is a green building, automatically becomes a hot seller in the market. Green buildings essentially are built with eco-friendly materials and have solar panels on the roof among other things. They aim to lower the amount of heat and power each house consumes and lower their carbon footprint in the longer run. 
  • High end engineering concepts and smart technology – smart home is the new buzz word in the industry and what it typically means is that it is made with the most advanced engineering concepts and smart technology to make living easier. By this, every aspect of the house is controllable and interconnected with the help of a remote. A person can literally control everything in their house from lighting, security, temperature control to others with the help of a button. 
  • Concentration on wellness and wellbeing – developers have understood that people have become very health conscious and are looking for good health and wellness amenities in the place of their residence. It includes air filtration, natural light, plentiful plants, communal eating spaces, a well-equipped gym, rooftop garden and outdoor spaces. They also look for things like meditation centres, spas and yoga rooms in these luxury homes. 
  • Top-notch international design and décor – people are not happy in living in a building that looks like a normal building. Art and aesthetics have turned out to play an extremely important role in the design and décor of a house. Developers rope in high end international designers to design the layout of the houses and get it at par with international standards. International architects, interior designers and joint ventures all play an important role in bringing together the look of the entire house. 

Needless to say, all of these trends come at a price and only help in enhancing the entire experience of living in a luxurious house. There are a few trends like safety and security, hospitality and concierge services that are also important, apart from what we have identified here but there are many more that real estate developers are looking to incorporate in their projects and make it better than the competition in the market.