The Latest Trends in Web Development

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Web development trends have changed a lot since the last years. New techniques and trends are coming in. It is getting complex and advance with every day. New thing are being introduced. It is difficult to make a choice between so many amazing designs and the one compatible with your project needs. Smart developers should always stay active and keep looking for new trends, designs and interfaces. It is an ever changing field. With new trends in Web Development, new and more opportunities also arise. No one in 90’s knew how web pages would look after 20 years. Likewise, we also don’t have a slightest idea what these new trends and changes are going to bring for us. When we talk about technology and advancement, everything is possible and imaginable. Various breakouts in new trends of web development surprise us a lot. People are always looking for latest web development demands and trends. 

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence means the intelligence and uniqueness copied by machines from humans and displaying us amazing results. Artificial intelligence performs various functions for us like collection and analyzing of data, it can also have an understanding of human emotions over the time and it can also do challenging problems. It really depends on the development of artificial intelligence. There are various applications of artificial intelligence like Siri by iPhone, Alexa by Amazon and Google assistant by Google. People are really going crazy about it. Everyone is focusing on development in artificial intelligence’ field. It is really the biggest and latest on going trend in the Web Development.  

Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Search engines are really concerned about making web pages more responsive and fast loading. They introduced these AMP web pages back in 2015 and it is still the hottest trend going on in web development. It is a technology that appreciates webpages to load faster. Whether a simple usual web page might take up to 10 seconds but an AMP takes about 2 seconds to load. It is really a faster web experience. A lot of web developers are focusing on this technology these days. Search engines really like AMP pages because a lot of internet users are connected to internet on a mobile device. AMP pages get on top of the searches and hence they are good from SEO’s point of view. A speedy website will be loved by users too. You should focus on AMP too. 

Progressive Web Pages:

Well most of the developers are focused on new technologies like AMP. I’d still say that PWA is in demand for web pages. A progressive web prages which is considered relatively old but it is still in demand all over the world. These web pages work like the normal ones but they can even load normally in poor internet speed and browser problems. They have an extreme state of functionality. They are user friendly. It has been in the game since a long time but at first they were luxuries but now they have become necessities in Web Development. 

Single Web Pages:

Single web pages are really simple and they are preferred by mobile users. They are mobile-use friendly and not very complex. Mobile phone user really likes all the information to be displayed on one web page so he doesn’t have to open too many tabs and unnecessary windows. People are leaving the typical ways of creating multi web page websites and putting different topics on each single page. It is a very complex method and really time taking for web developers. The greatest advantage given by single web pages is that people prefer to use their mobile phones instead of opening these websites on their desktops or laptops. It works really well and good on mobile devices. 

Push Notifications:

Push notifications are getting really trendy. They enable websites to choose to send notifications to their uses. For example, if new content is available on the website you have turned on notifications for. You will get a pop up notification in your notification bar. It changes the old and typical way of send i 56ng mails to regular users for new content availability. They are really time saving and unique. It is not affordable to ignore if you are making a new website. The biggest advantage of this is that you can keep your user updated without any big hustle. It is also a must have if you are really want to make a nice website. It is one of those latest Web Development trends.

Latest Trends in Web Development – AI Chat bots:

Website users always have questions and queries regarding your content or your product. They will love answers for their queries 24/7. With these chat bots powered by artificial intelligence, you will give them customer support all the time. Web development trends are shifting towards providing fast and epic customer support and instant help to customers. Business professionals have find this very helpful in increasing sales of their products. Moreover, it also cuts down your heavy customer service costs. They are equipped with machine learning and are great long term investments. They can take orders and answer questions in seconds. It is faster and reliable than humans. Research has shown that they increase sales and in emergencies they have proven very useful. 

Latest Trends in Web Development – Static Web Pages :

Web Development started with static web pages and shifted to more complex webpages later on. But we have seen a trend shifter. It is moving back to its source and roots. Web developers prefer making static web pages. They are easy to code. Not much content is required and you can avoid the complexities of those sketchy dynamics. They code every page in HTML 5 and it displays the same and normal content to every user. It is simple and users love simplicity. It is easier for web developers. They are also really fast they load in about 3 seconds maximum (depends on your internet connection). They are not really expensive to make. You can get a web developer who can make static web pages in affordable rates. 

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