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Different Types Of Covers For Different Types Of Lawn Mowers

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It does not need the brain of Einstein to understand that different types of lawn mowers will need different types of covers to protect it. This is because each of the different mowers will have different specifications, dimensions, and needs. 

Therefore, it is useful that you know about the type of mower you have before you set your foot in a home improvement store to buy one.

Key Facts To Look For

When you choose a lawn mower cover, always make sure that you look at the basic facts before finalizing any one brand part from the popularity of it. look for the design and stitch as well as the fit, irrespective of the engine type or brand.

  • Make sure that the cover that you buy is easy to use and does not slip over the top of the mower. 
  • Also, make sure that you can secure it around the base of the mower with the elastic drawstring that it may come with.

This will ensure that you have a cover that is perfect for your type of lawn mower.

Push Lawn Mowers Covers

If you own a push lawn mower, you must make sure that you buy a lawn mower cover that is not only waterproof but looks for other additional features such as:

  • It must be built from heavy-duty 600D marine grade fabric
  • It must have a proper fit
  • It must be able to protect the unit from elements of weather
  • It must have UV protection ability and
  • It must have mold protection.

It is even better if it comes in a drawstring storage bag that will help in storing and stowing the cover when not in use.

You can go for the affordable collection of push lawn mower covers or the premium ones, provided you are okay with paying the above-average price.

Riding Mower Covers

If you have a riding lawn mower, you will need a cover that is slightly different from the push lawn mower cover. When you want to buy a cover for it make sure that you check the following facts and factors:

  • It should be water-resistant in nature 
  • Built from sturdy material
  • It should be of good quality 
  • It must be heavy-duty and durable and 
  • It must certainly be UV and water-resistant.

If you buy from a reliable store, online or offline, you will get thee covers usually in two specific sizes. It will also come with several air vents in it so that the inside of the cover is breathable. 

However, check for the size so that you can choose a cover that will fit it snugly on your mower. This will protect your expensive riding lawn mowers or lawn tractors from all sides covering the entire mower. If you choose an oversized cover, it will come to loose very easily, especially in strong winds and stormy weather conditions.

Lastly, if you have a zero-turn mower and want a cover for it, follow the same process as you would for choosing a cover for a riding mower.