How to purchase the best leather bag Singapore has to offer?

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After purchasing a new bag, anyone would be excited, especially if the label claims that the leather bag is 100% original and it is hand-stitched by some obscure and hard-to-pronounce Italian designer house. The moment you open a leather bag, the distinct smell should tingle your nose. It is one of the telltale signs of a natural hide. Any experience of leather craftsman or bag company worth its salt will guarantee that familiar, warm, and fuzzy smell in all of their 100% leather accessories.

What’s the biggest challenge every shopper of leather bag Singapore has to brave?

The problem in today’s market is not the lack of leather products, but a sheer lack of understanding why people should pay $700 for a medium sized tote that they could probably buy for $70 at a local market. According to the leather experts in Singapore, it is creating serious concern among the leather craftsmen in the country. The presence of faux leather or cheap chrome tanned leather in the market is keeping their target buyers from purchasing the exceptional quality natural leather they deserve. The sheer variety and glamor of the faux leather and cheaper quality bags baffle the buyers, and you risk ending up with a bag that is simply not worth the price you have paid.

The leather quality that goes into making a bag depends on many factors, including the cattle type, hide selection, tanning method, and leather grade.

Why is “genuine leather” not good enough for the best leather bag Singapore has?

Most leading fashion brands don’t settle for “genuine leather.” They need something more that will speak about their exceptional quality and brand insignia. Therefore, most of them only stick to full grain leather. When someone says genuine leather, it merely states that it is a form of animal hide. It says nothing about the integrity or quality of the material. Full-grain typically has all the layers in place, and it offers the maximum resistance to daily wear and tears. Genuine full grain leather is the one that shines naturally, has a suede-like texture on the back and does not crack as easily with repeated use.

How much difference does the tanning method make?

According to the designers and leather artisans, the tanning method determines the character of the material to a significant degree. Eco-friendly tanning methods that preserve the traditional steps makes the leather stronger and denser. It adds more body to the hide and gives it the wonderful smell that fills the insides of a leather bag. Most importantly, the correct tanning methods ensure that your bag ages well irrespective of how the designer styles or stitches it later on. Sadly, as few as 10% of the bags, you see in the Singapore market today use leather that undergoes the traditional tanning process that makes them stronger.

How can hide selection influence the quality of a leather bag in Singapore?

Not all leather is the same and bag-makers know that all too well. It is the secret behind the 100% real leather bags you can buy for a fraction of the price of a designer bag in the local Singapore market. The best quality hide is bridle leather that the equestrian industry has used for decades to make harnesses for horses. If your designer house uses bridle leather to design your bag, you can be confident about carrying your precious MacBook in it.

The same quality leather can hold and control magnificent beasts, your MacBook and the odd electronics items are featherweights in comparison. Although this leather is durable, it is difficult to ensure that your bag uses this quality unless you are working with an honest designer. A good designer label is always honest about its hide selection. Moreover, the tanning process for bridle leather is a little different and costly, that contributes to the higher price tags of the premium leather bags.

What choice of “hardware” should your leather bag Singapore have?

The hardware that connects your straps will determine the longevity of your bag more than you can imagine. The best of the best leather bag Singapore has to offer come with solid brass rings and chains that are resistant to moisture and rust. Even if it is not solid brass (which adds to the weight of the bags significantly), they should at least be stainless material that is resistant to rusting.

There is no point in investing in a premium leather bag with gold ornaments, which soon begin to peel off and rust. The wrong choice of hardware can ruin the beauty and value of your genuine leather bag, no matter which designer you purchase from. The weather of Singapore demands the use of high tenacity, rust-free material that will withstand the high humidity for years to come.

How will the finish of the bag determine its quality?

If you compare the cheaper bags to the premium ones, the first difference you will notice is in the stitches. The thread the designers use are of high quality, and the stitching is barely visible on top unless it is a part of the statement. High-end leather bags rarely use sharp contrast threads and large looped stitches.

In fact, the unevenness of stitching and the use of poor quality thread are the two telltale signs of counterfeiting, according to the fashion experts. There are very few exposed fringes and open edges. Most designer brands have their signature ways to “deal with” exposed edges. It is a labor-intensive process, but the final look of the bags make their effort worthwhile.

What should you remember before paying for a premium full grain leather bag Singapore?

The best of the premium leather bags in the world are products of days of toil and hard work. Designers not only create the original look but oversee the handcrafting process too. When it comes to genuine, full grain leather, no other way is better than the traditional way of cutting the leather by hand and sewing it together into the desired shape. Whether your designer bag is coming from Italy or the US, you should ensure that you are paying for the best quality hide and the handcrafting process that went behind that masterpiece.