Liver Can Be Regenerated Again & The Beneficiary Can Live a Longer Life

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Liver Can Be Regenerated Again & The Beneficiary Can Live a Longer Life. Organ donation has been given the status of ‘Mahadan’. And why shouldn’t it be? Organ donation is required in case a patient’s organ gets damaged due to a disease or an accident. A few body parts can be donated when the person is alive, and some body parts when the person is dead. However, the liver can be donated in both brain dead and living conditions.

What is a liver transplant –

Since the liver is only human body organ than can regenerate, a liver transplant is a procedure to replace a dysfunctional liver of an affected patient. This makes the patient fully cured. After this, half of the full health liver or healthy liver is transplanted in place of the patient.

Who needs it-

The liver is a very important organ of the body, which is responsible for the detoxification of harmful substances in the body. Liver transplants are required for patients whose liver is damaged or severely damaged. Most livers are obtained from deceased donors. But even a healthy person can donate half a liver. Liver patients who have died due to hepatitis and psoriasis also need liver transplantation. One can get extended life from this.

Who can give liver –

The liver can usually be given in two ways. The first from a living donor transplant by a family member. Another by someone who has been brain dead, by orthotopic transplant or split donation. In this process, two lives can be saved by dividing the liver of the dead person into two parts and giving the larger part to an adult person and the smaller part to a child. The liver transplant must be done within 6 hours of removing the liver.

Precautions to take care in a liver donation –

  • Donor should be in a healthy condition
  • Blood group of donor and patient should be the same
  • Age of donor be between 18-60
  • The intent of donation should be of service, and not that of economic favor
  • The size of the donor and the liver of the patient is the same
  • If the donor is alive then get all the tests done by the doctor

Precautions after the transplant

After donating half the liver you need to be in good care for a few weeks. It is very important to have a balanced diet after surgery. You recover quickly if you are fed well with nutritious food. During this period, excessive food or carelessness can increase your weight, high blood pressure and sugar and cholesterol, which can be harmful for the transplanted organ. Apart from this, get regular checkups done and get involved in your daily work after some time with regular routines.

How can I become a donor, what is the process of taking donor vows?

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Important information

Please note liver transplant is not an affordable treatment and the cost of procedure usually is upwards of Rs. 17L

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