Must-Have Technologies for Location-Based Apps

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In order to create a location based app, you must first figure out what the focus of your app is going to be. Location technology proves to be a very useful feature in just about any type of mobile application, such as Uber, fitness trackers, social media apps, weather forecasts and much more.

You’ve got the idea, location-based technology is very versatile. So, once you have figured out exactly what type of app you want to develop, you must now think about what sort of features you want to use that tie to your main idea.

We’ve prepared a list of must-have technologies for location-based apps, that might offer you a bit of guidance. 

1. Geolocation

Most of the apps that benefit from this sort of technology are the ones that primarily focus on maps and navigation.

Things such as Google Maps, Waze, or any other apps that are used for navigating through traffic use geolocation.

If geolocation is for you and you want to develop an app specifically for navigating you might want to include some features such as trip planners and user involvement.

By that I mean, letting users report all sorts of incidents that might slow down said trip, as implemented by Waze.

However, geolocation can go very well hand-to-hand in any weather forecast app. If you want to know how the weather is going to be in the next few days, you have to know exactly where you are, right?

2. Geosocial

As you might have guessed, this type of technology is prevalent in social media apps. The main idea of it is to try to link people based on their location.

This is most useful in dating apps. Almost no one wants to look for a partner which is halfway across the world, there are exceptions of course, but you get the idea. 

Also, geosocial technology is used by Facebook Marketplace, which proves to be a very handy feature for users. Searching for buyers or sellers close-by is most convenient.

3. GPS tracking

This is most useful when, you guessed it, tracking things. It is a versatile technology that can be used in just about anything.

It’s used for fitness tracking, security and even navigation. So, GPS is a very handy feature that links very well with other technologies we have mentioned in this article.


Location-based applications have a very wide range of use. It can be implemented for every type of app.

From a simple compass to a more complex navigating system, or even a dating app. The key thing is that you have to know exactly how location technology is going to be implemented in your app. Whether localization is a center part of your app or just a side feature is up to you.

Thing is that you are not going to have any trouble establishing a certain type of user that is going to use said app, this in no niche environment. So, with those being said, you will have no trouble implementing location-based technology in your app development process.