Ways You Can Lower Your Cable TV Bills

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The cable TV bill always tends to top the expense list at the end of the month. Well at least for most households. Not just that, cable TV subscription charges also tend to witness a considerable spike at times when you least expect that. In fact, your cable TV bill may quadruple without much of a heads up one fine month. An increase in one small charge here and another there becomes a pain in the long-run making you think if it is even worth it to drain your monetary resources on cable TV entertainment. But you don’t need to go to such an extent and deprive yourself of essential entertainment, rather read on to find ways that may just help you save on your Cable TV bill without sacrificing much:

Let Go Of Premium Channel Subscriptions

This might be something very difficult if you love watching movies and shows on HBO and other such premium channels. But this will definitely help you save around $20 to $50 on your monthly bill. There are many providers who offer a number of channels that come with a separate price tag and letting go of all additional subscriptions or even one or two of them may not come easy, however, by discontinuing your premium subscriptions (some if not all) you can definitely help your monthly budget.

Cut Off the DVR Service

You don’t like missing your favorite show, do you? Well, even if you do not subscribe to a DVR service, you can make use of VOD and watch what you miss the following day. As for news, views, and other live content, you can always access that via the news channel’s website. Thus if you are ready to make a wise choice, you can trade-in your DVR service for a standard digital receiver and cut $10 or more off the total bill every month.

Decide on the Fees after a Thorough Research

It is a good idea to get in touch with your cable service provider and talk to the customer services representative to gain deeper insight and more accurate information regarding each fee that you are charged on your bill before you go ahead and make a decision to downgrade your cable TV service. Some of the charges or fees you see on the bill will have to be paid no matter what, but there will be many that you can let go of. This may imply you will not pay for HD video or varied high-tech equipment thereby altering the package you previously subscribed to, however doing so will lighten the burden on your pocket.

Downsize the Monthly Plan and Save Even More

Chopping off your cable package and including only the amenities and products you truly need can save you all in all-around $40 every month with most providers. Adults in America only watch around 20 channels but on average get around 205, which in most cases is much more than they need. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on something you do not even utilize you can take a dip down to a seemingly lower package that fulfills your needs if not wants, but definitely saves a significant amount every month. And maybe, just maybe, you won’t even have to give up a subscription of your favorite premium channel depending on the choice of packages offered by your cable service provider.

Bundle up Your Cable TV, Home Phone and Internet Services

Pairing your cable and internet service can save you more than $1,000 over two years. But here, you have to act a little smart. You shouldn’t run into bundling services you would not avail. Maybe you only require local networks and a high-speed internet connection that allows you to stream your favorite movies and shows from Netflix or any other streaming service. Why must you then pay for more than you need? Bundle but bundle wisely!

Look For Less Expensive Cable Deals and Options

It is a good idea to compare rates of providers delivering services in your area. You must conduct thorough research and look for deals like Cox internet plans. At the end of the day, you may just find yourself an amazing deal on exactly the services you require while also saving a considerable amount of your hard-earned money. And it is also quite possible that you come across a suitable service that furnishes a worthwhile alternative to the current one.

Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate a Lower Rate

Don’t have qualms about going into a negotiation with your cable provider. All you need to do is call your cable company and ask them candidly if there are any promotions going on. You can always try to negotiate a service rate, an effort that may bring you varied benefits in the end.

The aforementioned practices and hacks can help you cut down monthly expenses on cable TV yet not really cut down too much on your entertainment needs. Whether you find a deal or a bundled package, or you are able to negotiate a lower rate, you may just succeed at paying exactly for what you avail and not for what you rarely tune into.