Are You Health Conscious? 5 Ways To Maintain Your Fitness At Home

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Are You Health Conscious? 5 Ways To Maintain Your Fitness At Home. Of course, you should pursue a fit body and a healthy lifestyle, but are time and money limiting your choices? Well, there is always an option of choosing a gym membership, right? Wrong! Joining the gym may seem fascinating, but it needs dedicated time and also comes with a costly bill.

Research suggests only 50% of the registered member visits the gym regularly. o, there seems to be a vicious cycle of inactivity! Well, not for long, since today we are presenting to you a list of 5 simple ways to maintain your fitness at home, at your leisure and budget.

Rent Gym Equipments

Worried about the membership fee? Research indicates that over 46% of ex-gym members chose to end their membership considering the stupendous fees. Plus, there is always an added expense of traveling between your home and your gym. But not, if you make a smart choice and bring your gym to your home!

No, no, not literally. But, rental-ly! Rent all the gym-equipments you frequently use at a very affordable cost and start working out at your home. This will solve all your worries and provide you with gym equipment on rental. One can visit the website of various companies that are into providing such gym equipment on rent. If you are renting gym equipment, you could share them with your family and friends as well, making this deal super affordable for you.

Focus on Cardio

Medical professionals suggest you should make it a point to exercise for 30 minutes a day, and five days per week, to get a fit body. Cardio equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, etc. should be included in your daily routine as they boost your metabolism and give you fast and steady results.

The cardio-centric equipment too can be rented via the same method mentioned above. A few of the best cardio exercises involve walking, cycling, and running. Dedicate a small chunk, precisely 30 minutes of your day to exercise and enjoy a healthy life.

Strength Training

Strength training focuses on increasing muscle contraction by using resistance as its catalyst. This helps in building muscle mass and bone density, and thus, helps you gain immense strength, stamina, and perseverance. Just get a stability ball, different weights dumbbells, and a padded bench to start with your own strength training regime at home.

You could practice some effective strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, planks, and push-ups at home. It is always recommended by various health organizations to integrate strength training in your daily exercise routine.

Maintain a Sleep Cycle

If you are working towards staying fit, you should stick to a proper sleep cycle first. Lack of sleep affects our brain and health far more than we estimate. Sleep deficiency has many adverse effects, such as weight gain, depression, and even day-to-day performance.

Research states that 75% of the people who are depressed suffer from lack of sleep too. Following a sleep cycle can train your brain to be more active when you are awake. Proper sleep induces a balance of happiness hormones inside you, and in turn, keeps you healthy and active.

Be vigilant and choose to eat healthily

It has been stated that weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise.  So you should be mindful of what you eat and whatnot for gain fitness. Try to keep a check on your calorie intake. Avoid junk food, carbohydrates, sugar, and include protein, good fat in your diet. You should also increase your daily water intake and keep yourself hydrated at all times; this speeds up metabolism. You should follow a timely routine in taking your meals.

We hope this article has helped you and rather encouraged you to not let the excuses of time and money constraint your fitness. You could always start your journey towards a healthy life from the comfort of your home without getting into any financial crunch too. Let us know in the comments if you would need more assistance.