Make Your Senior Year The Most Memorable Year Yet!

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Senior year is tough. It is eventful yet the classes are extremely demanding. We get it, you do want to have fun without compromising on your grades and definitely not on those college applications you’ve been working on for so long. If you’re a struggling senior, here’s a guide for you to do all that you desire without impacting anything adversely! 

1. Make a plan

It is very important to have a plan. Jot down what you wish to achieve during your final year at school. This not only should include Prom and Graduation Night but must also have your academic goals as well. You must sit down with your guidance counselor and make a list of colleges that you plan on applying to and which, realistically, fall in place with your vice and virtues. With that said, once it’s in place, get to work. Now, a college application can be really tricky which is why you must spend a considerable amount of time on it. 

Further, alongside the crazy school schedule comes all the fun activities that wait. These activities must never be missed out on as they make school life the way it is. To stay at the top of your classes, college applications and needless to say, the fun activities you must prioritize. Prioritizing will help you squeeze in more than you can imagine during a day. 

The best way to prioritize or rather plan is to invest in a decent planner. Get one from a stationery shop or just print a few printables off Pinterest. This planner will help you put things into perspective with the added advantage of giving you the productive feel at the end of each day! 

2. Explore your city 

This is your final year at your school and possibly in the city for the next few years if you’re going off to another city for college. To make the most of your time, try to plan activities like going to places in the city which you’ve been to a lot of other times but this time, visit them with your friends and act like it’s your first time. 

This will not only prove to be a great plan to hang out with your friends but will also be a good memory to look back on for both you and your friends when you’re miles away from home. This activity sounds tremendous but it means that a lot of your time would be consumed which you could’ve spent on your endless homework. To free yourself from the guilt, you can look for easy alternatives which can provide writing help.  One such online platform is 

This website helps students with their homework with stringent deadlines at a meager cost so now, not only are you hanging out with friends but also have your homework done by professionals who mind you maintain 100% anonymity. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your final moments with your friends with no guilt of missing out on deadlines.