What Factors Contribute To Making A Great Marketing Plan?

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Whether to are a successful enterprise, amid-sized company or a business startup, without having a great marketing plan, your business doesn’t have a chance to last a month in the competitive world of marketing and business industries. The way to succeed is to increase brand awareness and recognition of your brand through effective marketing.

Building brand awareness helps a brand to be able to communicate your business mission and visions across the target audience and business prospects. This helps in generating more leads and drives organic traffic towards your official website. It doesn’t only contribute to the growth of the business through marketing, but it also increases sales and profits of the business.

In order to be successful, you need a robust, multifaceted and implementable marketing plan which requires a thorough understanding of business goals and have a clear idea of the marketing trends and industry development. Depending on your resources, a business marketing plan can be developed in many different ways. A great marketing plan must have these characteristics:

  • A detailed overview of your marketing goals
  • An outline of your audience’s behaviour and activities
  • Tools to measure business success and metrics
  • The flexibility of the marketing plan to adopt new marketing trends and industrial development

Now that you understand the importance of having a great marketing plan, it is time to discuss the details. Here are some steps that can guide you to compose a useful and practical marketing plan.

Step 1: compose your mission statement

Your mission statement must reflect your business products, services and values. It is what can set you apart from other businesses of your industry. Speaking of creating mission statements, it must be authentic in reflecting your business practices and culture of the organisation.

Step 2: Understand your audience

Whether you are a digital marketer, a freelance designer or a Wikipedia consultant USA, knowing the target audience and viewers help in making proper marketing and branding of your product and services.

Conduct thorough research on your target audience and get to know their behaviour, references and the factors driving their purchase decisions. Create personas for your niche market and use them to reach out to your target audience.

Step 3: understand your brand

Describe what you offer and know how your core products solve the problems of your target audience and how it can be effective in marketing and product branding. Provide your customers with an outline of the services you offer as well as the ones you don’t but will likely do in future. Highlight the cost of products, skills and expertise that it takes to offer the services and products.

Step 4: choose the best marketing platforms

From various social media platforms to blogs and more, there are many marketing platforms that you can use to attract the audience to your brand. You need to make sure to choose a platform where your audience hangs out. From posting exciting content on social media to provide authentic information on Wikipedia, use different platforms to increase your customer-business interaction. It just doesn’t inform the customers, but it also provides valuable insights that you won’t be able to acquire otherwise.

Step 5: keep an eye on the competition

The widespread use of smartphones and the internet, maintaining a stable position in the market is getting tougher. To survive and succeed in the hyper-connected and digitised business world, you must have a clear idea about who is your potential competitor and what strategies do they implement to succeed in the market.

Understand their strengths and products to determine what makes you different from them. Compare your business value, services, products, marketing goals and other marketing similarities to get better at strategising your marketing plan.

Step 6: establish marketing goals

SMART goals are the foundation of a successful marketing plan. Set your goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Whether you are expanding the customer base and targeting new customers or increasing business revenue and profit, having a clear idea of the goals you want to accomplish such as establishing a medical logo that will aid as a successfully go through your marketing plan. Not just that, it can help you to elevate your business stature and increase the reputation of your business.

Step 7: Monitor your success

Using various analytics tools to analyse and measure the results of your marketing strategies can help you determine which strategies work best for your business and which needs modifications to produce better results. It allows you to understand who you are working with and who your potential prospects are.


Once you have built a strong marketing plan and implemented it, make sure to keep track of them and measure success for the optimum growth of your business. Make modifications to keep your strategies updates according to the current market trends and developments.