6 Massage Spa Trends That Have Made Their Way To 2019

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Everyone needs a self-relaxing session time to time away from our daily hectic routines. Taking some time out for both your mind and body is a good starter for this purpose. Massage spas are the place to go for to make sure you get an uninterrupted peaceful quality time to invest in yourself. Each year brings new and improvised trends in massage spas.

Let’s face it, one of the best ways to give yourself the self-care you need is by getting a massage. Give yourself an extra perk and go for a massage from our professionals that have up to 40 years of experience, while you’re cruising and in taking the breathtaking views of the Caribbean. Visit our website for more information regarding our services.

Introduction Popular Massage Spas Trends In 2019.

Soy Candle Massage:

Soy candle message is as obvious, a massage using soy wax obtained from soy candles. The toxin-free soy wax is melted easily since it’s melting point is lower than standard candles and then massaged onto the body.

Soy wax has a number of benefits which include containing Vitamin E, hydrating the body, hydrating skin and relieving pain. Moreover, soy wax is also popularized for its healing and soothing properties. Many massage spas also add the sensation of aromatherapy by using scented candles usually vanilla and lavender.


Shirodhara is a practice that has been present for centuries. Shirodhara involves a continuous pouring of liquids such as oils, coconut water, milk, etc., depending on the objective of the practice, on top of the client’s forehead for normally half an hour. It is followed by a head and body massage.

Shirodhara is called out not only for its relaxation properties but also for problems such as insomnia, stress, anxiety. It is also known for helping improve recovery in the specific eye and skin diseases for many patients making it one of the reasons it landed in 2019 massage trends.

Chakra Treatment:

It is commonly believed that our body has seven points present in it that run along the spinal cord where energy is allowed to flow in and out of the body and these are called ‘chakras’. Each chakra is responsible for a different element of the physical state of the body.

The chakra treatment experience involves a blend of massage, aromatherapy and healing crystals also called chakra crystals for this purpose. The aim of this massage is to link the seven chakras for a positively energized experience. However, chakra treatment is not only to the energetic wellbeing, but the positive energy release also, in turn, affects your physical aspects. Visit here for more.

Sleep Massage:

If you have trouble sleeping or for extreme situations, diagnosed insomnia and you’re on sleeping pills this might be the change you need in your life. Studies prove that our stress and fatigue, even the harmful light we’re absorbing from our devices all lead to every one in three people having trouble sleeping.

Sleeping massage differs from a normal massage in the way that it involves a combination of differing as well as trending massage techniques to help the client reach relaxation ultimately making it easier for them to get a good sleep. Moreover, an additional plus point being the best massage spas advise people to come either at the end of their workday or at night to fully release themselves from any and every stress.

Bamboo Massage:

Bamboo massage uses bamboo sticks of various lengths and diameters for this action. Specifically, bamboo sticks are chosen since it is considered both a healing tool as well as hold the symbolic significance of happiness, the longevity of life, success being a few of them.

Bamboo massages hold similar massage technique to Swedish massage. In other words, bamboo massages are also referred to as ‘intense kneading massages’. Once again, depending on the goal of the massage the massager uses different factors mainly length, width and pressure points as well as techniques to relieve the client’s pain.

Acupressure Massage:

Acupressure massages focus on a person’s inner energy balance. Originating from Chinese tradition the Chinese believe that pain in a person’s body is linked to a blocked energy point or ‘acupuncture point’ and helps target these points to release the pain.

Acupressure uses the pressure of various tools for the massage but the most commonly referred technique is finger pressure where pressure is applied on the local points that is where the pain is present or acupuncture points, the points that are linked to the part of the body in pain to help encounter the pain.