The Leading Medical Spa Procedures You Should Try Out

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Medical Spa

Many different potential skin treatments are available if you desire to boost your confidence and enhance your look. When you visit your Memphis aesthetic medical spa, you will benefit from a range of services. But how do you tell which procedure is best suited to your unique treatment needs?

The following simple guide makes it easier for you to choose the proper treatment procedure.

Botox injections

The procedure employs a particular toxin to prevent your muscles from moving temporarily. The toxin is secreted by a microorganism known for causing a food poisoning type called botulism.

The FDA has approved the treatment for use in the last 20 years.

The Medspa procedure often involves making injections into the tissue underneath the skin. As a result, there is a blocking of nerve chemical signals responsible for muscle contraction. If there are face injections, the facial muscles will relax temporarily and thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Botox can also be an effective remedy against conditions like migraine headaches, excessive sweating, lazy eye, urinary incontinence, and eye twitching.

Injectable fillers

As you age naturally, the skin loses collagen, leading to poor elasticity.

The result is that you have to deal with wrinkles and loss of facial fullness, particularly adjacent to your eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks. The introduction of dermal fillers or injectable fillers around the areas can help enhance the appearance of the skin and deliver a fuller facial appearance.

Naturally, it takes a bit of time for the injectable fillers to be absorbed by your skin. For that reason, there may be a need for the procedure to be repeated to maintain a relatively lasting effect.

The success of soft tissue fillers depends on the structure of the tissue and the brand and volume of filler used.


The FDA approved the introduction and application of the procedure about 12 years ago. With this Medical Spa treatment, also called CoolSculpting, fats from particular body parts are frozen and then removed.

Researchers came up with the treatment after observing how frostbite influences the behavior of fat. When the temperature is high, there is the freezing of fat.

CoolSculpting employs a device that cools the fat in a particular area, promoting its destruction without tissues and skin interference. A vacuum or your immune system does the removal of the fatty tissue.

You may notice body changes after a few weeks or months.

However, avoid the treatment if you are obese, pregnant, have a poor skin tone, and poorly handle colds.

VASER Liposuction

As a cosmetic procedure, VASER Liposuction destroys fat cells, which loosens them to enable effective removal. The technology uses powerful waves to break the bonds between the targeted fat cells. The treatment can target areas like your stomach, waistline, buttock, thighs, hips, chest, and arms.

In 2018 alone, medical spas carried out more than 300 000 VASER Liposuction procedures.

Other medical spa procedures you may find helpful include chemical peel, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and Intense pulsed light therapy.

If you need any medical spa services, get in touch with A Beautiful You Medical Spa today.

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