The Men’s Fashion Trends That Will Hog The Limelight In 2020

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Fashion is forever evolving, with new trends continually entering into the public eye regularly. When celebrities wear something that captures the attention, you can bet your bottom dollar that people look up exactly what it is that the said celebrity was wearing and where they can get it. It’s the world we live in now. 

Fashion is important, after all. It’s vital to look the best you can, especially if you’re on a night out or heading away on holiday. Heck, even if you’re just staying in, watching Netflix and playing various games, much like the most popular online games in Canada, fashionistas still like to look the part. You just never know who might drop you a Skype call, right? 

Men’s fashion is one area that continues to grow year on year. With 2020 firmly underway, we thought we’d highlight some fashion trends that could potentially hog the limelight this year. 

Cross-body bags

A rising trend among the modern man has been to carry their belongings in a “murse” or a “manbag”, but the latest alternative on the scene called a cross-body bag is expected to garner up a huge interest in the year ahead. They certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you’re prone to losing your belongings or simply like the look of them, then you’ll surely have plenty of cross-body bag options heading your way this year. 

Sheer tops

Keen to show off those abs after you master the perfect way to style a man bun? Then sheer tops could be for you. Once again, they’re an acquired taste as not everyone wants to show off their chest hair or tattoos, but some people can’t resist it, which is exactly why sheer tops are expected to take off in the year ahead. They aren’t just stylish either – sheer tops provide the perfect ventilation! If they’re good enough for Harry Styles, they’re good enough for you. 


Whether you’re rocking a suit or not, vests are well and truly here. Whether it’s a sleek brown vest or a subtle black one, vests are a go-to piece of fashion for so many men. With fashion reaching new heights in 2020, vests are expected to be a real favorite for guys. 

Non-Motorcycle leather jackets

In times gone by, only motorcyclists could get away with wearing a leather jacket, but these days they appear to be all the rage, even if you’re a male florist. In fact, leather jackets are very much at this moment in time. Long, sleek leather jackets have certainly made a comeback, especially with street styles. Non-Motorcycle leather jackets also have the benefit of going with a wide variety of other types of clothing, too. 


Understandably, most of society thought tie-dye had died out years ago, but it’s actually making one hell of a resurgence. They aren’t only available in your local thrift shop either, new brands are surfacing all of the time and various big names have been pictured wearing tie-dye too. It’s definitely a fashion trend to keep an eye on once again. 

Shirtless and suits

Admittedly, not everyone can pull this look off, but shirtless and suits is a fashion trend we see more and more of these days. Not only is it incredibly easy to implement (just ditch the shirt next time you fancy wearing a suit!), but it’s also a good way of showing off some of your chests. Whether you’re donning a tweed creation or a vintage masterpiece, drop the shirt next time. The fashion world will thank you for it.