Min-Liang Tan The Resilient Enthusiast

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Razer Inc. is a company based in Singapore mainly dealing with gaming but looking beyond just gaming to FinTech. Just like other businesses in the world, the company had to surmount the challenges posed by Covid 19 and is now set to venture into the lending business in Southeast Asia in a big way.

In an interview with the Executive Edge, Min-Liang, the Razer CEO admits that Covid 19 has dealt many economies across the world a significant blow. However, he quickly explains that thinking ahead and being adaptable is what has kept Razer abreast. This mindset has helped the company handle the setbacks and identify new opportunities.

The company has been at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic by extending support to the community. Razer has committed over 50 million USD through its subsidiaries to support their business partners. To alleviate the shortage of masks, #RAZERFORLIFE was established to donate facemasks. Razer also started a mask production line and partnered with well-wishers to produce and distribute masks through mask dispensing vending machines.

Asked what motivated them to venture into the FinTech space, the CEO had one answer. Experience. Having been on Razer pay which operates all over Southeast Asia, it was time to take a bolder step. The Razer Youth Bank’s objective is to become a digital bank targeting the millennials and the youth.

On Razer’s strengths, Min-Liang highlights their excellent hardware, including gaming PCs and accessories, and the Razer Iskur the first-ever gaming chair. He also points out their software, including Razer cortex which has experienced exponential growth. Additionally, their ability to handle increased customer numbers caused by the work-from-home situations and understanding gamers’ expectations has been rewarding. Regardless of the pandemic, the company has remained innovative, creating new products and ideas.

So far, his best product has been the Razer Sneki Snek which has become their mascot due to its popularity. Liang is excited about Sneki because it’s closely linked to environmental conservation, a course he champions. Each Sneki sold means ten trees saved.

According to the Razer CEO, eSport is a very dynamic field whose future is bright. Razer is doing its best to support the industry and sponsor esports athletes to help bring them to the mainstream arena. Despite the pandemic, the company has been organizing tournaments for the athletes, which have earned eSports recognition from the mainstream audience.

His advice to the lovers of gaming is that anything we conceive in our minds is possible as long as we keep focus. Create an improvement mindset in your team and constantly improve.

Min-Liang Tan was born in Singapore and is a resident of San Francisco. After graduating from the National University of Singapore law school, he practiced law before following his passion for gaming. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Razer and oversees the development of all Razer products. He has been named among the 25 most creative individuals in tech and has been lately elected to the PC Gaming Alliance board.