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Mogstation FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store

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A lot of people do not play games because of the pressure and unpredictable services of the game. They often face account problems related to subscriptions. As a result, they may waste their money without proper management. The same was the case with the Final Fantasy series of an online game. The players used to update and manage the games on their own behalf. Above all, they could not manage their account. For this type of issue, Final Fantasy has launched a tool named Mogstation with the support of the Enix account. This tool has been proving beneficial for users because of wonderful services. 

Further, this is a website that can meet the needs of ff14 gamers. Mogstation is a game manager that helps enjoy Final Fantasy 14. In other words, players can manage their subscriptions and accounts effortlessly. Thus, this website has reduced the gaming pressure of the players. 

Here are the top-notch specifications of this website. 

 Login Information 


If you have been thinking of creating your account, directly go to the account of mogstation. This is an easy process and task to perform. On the other hand, if you already have an account, log in to the mog station. To clarify, there are two bars. First, you need to enter Square Enix ID. Second, put your Square Enix password. 

Payment information and history 

This is one of the biggest specifications of the mog station online tool. It will keep your information and payment history to you only. This spec will help you to renew the items and get updates easily. As a result, you can save your money and time. Moreover, you can keep the data of purchased items. On the other hand, you can subscribe to new items. Above all, it is an important point to consider. 

World transfer services 

This is a little bit pricy specification of this station. Having this feature, you can move from one place to another quickly. In addition, you would have to pay no more after applying for this service.

Optional items 

To enhance the curiosity and longevity of the game, you can purchase optional items. In optional items, there are countless things. Further, these things have different portions. We will divide them into three main sections. Firstly, we have optional items. Secondly, multiple mounts to note down. Thirdly, the main sources of enjoyment. Lastly, level boots for level boosting. 

Optional items of mogstation ff14 Items:

  • Minfilia’s Attire
  • Y’shtola’s Attire
  • Papalymo’s Attire
  • Far Eastern Matriarch’s Attire
  • Armoury of the Heavens’ Ward: Lancer’s Arms
  • Yellow-pommed Moogle Cap
  • Blackbosom Heart Reaper
  • Ward Knight’s Attire
  • Loyal Butler’s Uniform
  • Nightseeker
  • Vega Knuckles
  • Binding Rod
  • Grimoire Wing
  • Ruby Carbuncle Slippers
  • Tonberry Knife


  • Red Baron (Single Character)
  • Bennu (Account-wide)
  • White Devil (Single Character)
  • Aquamarine Carbuncle (Account-wide
  • Mystic Panda (Account-wide)
  • Citrine Carbuncle (Account-wide)


  1. Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn
  2. Heavenward
  3. Stormblood

Level boots:

  • One Scholar’s Journey II
  • Tales of Adventure: One Astrologian’s Journey II
  • One Dragoon’s Journey II

Automatic updates 

Certainly, this is also one of the wonderful specifications of this tool as well. After installing it, you do not need to go for updates. Furthermore, those times have gone when you used to update and download the items and versions. Now, this is an automatic software. So, you just need to log in to your Square Enix account. After that, it is easy for you to get updates. These updates make your game interesting, as a result, you enjoy it a lot. 

Account Recovery and settings 

It is very easy to set your account and keep it up-to-date. Therefore, we have provided you the login information of mogstation and how to create it. After that, there is a thing that can irritate you. For instance, you may forget your ID or password. So, it can create tension for you. As a result, the Enix account does not provide you access. To recover the account, there will be an option “Forget ID or Password” below the passcode and email bar. Press it and get your account back. 

ffxiv recruit a friend


Final Fantasy XIV provides a friend recruit service with the help of mog station. You can add your friends for fun. Further, this is a very easy process to follow. Firstly, you need to log in to your Square Enix account. Secondly, type a message and send it towards your friend’s inbox.  

Policies to follow

There are a few important policies to keep in mind while using this account. You should have your email. Then, there will be enough credit on your card for buying items. If you want to renew items, do not click on the delete account. Furthermore, if you want to cancel any subscription, you can do it easily. Last, your information is in safe hands.

Notable Benefits of this station   

  • It is very easy to access and locate. 
  • You can create this account effortlessly. 
  • This is very helpful to play Final Fantasy 14.
  • It provides new updates and renews of the items in a sequence. 
  • A wonderful manager of your game.
  • Different tools and different resources. 
  • Achieve different rewards and increase your level.
  • A good source to decrease your whole day depression. 
  • This station saves you from scams. 
  • Newbies and players can contact via customer support.
  • After logging in, you get Veteran free awards for better performance of the game. 

Exclusive Features 

There are wonderful features that can help you a lot while playing the game. 

  • Easy management of the game with no tension.
  • Better management, better services.
  • Players can transfer from one place to another because of the homeworld transfer feature.
  • The Eternal Bond gives you too much enthusiasm. For instance, a couple remains together forever after this ceremony. 
  • Everyone likes character renaming service. So, players can change their names easily. 
  • Some people review that Retainer service is worthy to praise. To illustrate, they can sell unwanted items to other participants. 
  • Veteran Rewards increase your level with the help of different achievements. 
  • Automatic upgrade services. 
  • Optional items are very well and can make the game more interesting. 
  • Final Fantasy hires certified developers for users only. 

Final verdict to take home 

To sum up the whole discussion, we can say that mogstation is a wonderful tool for the management of ff14. We can rely on it without any confusion and tension. It will keep our tangible data with sequence and auto-subscriptions as well. Moreover, there is nothing outside the box related to this online station. Above all, it makes everything easier related to Final Fantasy 14.  

Question answers session 

What do we have in the mogstation online store?

There are multiple items in the mogstation online store that we cannot count at a time. Above in optional items, we have provided you a list of the best items ever. In addition, you can check this list for a better understanding. 

How do I renew my ffxiv subscription?

Firstly, go to settings and click on account status. After that, there will be a list of things. 

  1. Remaining days 
  2. Automatic renewal
  3. Renew subscriptions 

Click on C to renew your ffxiv subscription. 

What is a Square Enix account?

Square Enix account is for the management and security of the Final Fantasy ff14 game. To clarify, you can create it and enjoy your gaming experience. Furthermore, you can create this account by putting an e-mail. Most importantly, the logging price is   $12.99* and the standard package price is 14.99*. 

Will ff14 ever be free to play?

Yes, it is free to play but there is a restriction. After reaching level 35, you would have to pay to continue the game. 

How to download ffxiv from mog station?

Indeed, it is very effortless to download ffxiv with the help of the station. You need to click on the setup for downloading it. After clicking, you follow rules and regulations. As a result, you get a downloaded game. 

How to upgrade from free trial ffxiv pc?

Those users who have been thinking to move from free trial to upgrade level can do this easily. They would have to press the “Transfer to Regular Service” button. Furthermore, they need to select the “Purchase the Game” button to begin the process of upgrading their account.

What are the requirements for downloading mogstation?

Here are the requirements for downloading this online station. 

  • Internet connection should be strong. 
  • A good system 
  • 4 GB of free space.
  • Documents free space must be 2 GB.
  • The drive must have 1 GB of free space. 
  • Last, click on the FINISH button to ready.