Morocco In My Memories

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Before going to Morocco, my observations about Moroccans are few, I have found them work hard, they love children very passionately, they are very hospitable and they make lovely mint tea! I planned then to spend my holidays in Morocco as it has only a few impacts on us, one of them is that it is a closet African nation to us and it is famous of its famous holiday destinations. I already had tasted Chinese and Indian foods, Moroccan dishes were yet to be tasted.

Why I chose February to get Morocco

It is my first ever visit Morocco, and I’m bit confused about my experiences over there. I’ve been told to spend my fortnight holidays in less rushy times, in summers, Morocco is always be jammed by tourists from all around the world. I’m traveling on a half-priced ticket by the way.

Flock to the Blue City, Chefchaouen

One of my friend in university recommended me to must visit Chefchaouen, I make it first on “Places to visit” list, created my own way in fact. It is a mountain village painted in 100 shades of blue. Every corner has its own kind of blue. It is exciting to listen about the beauty of the blue city, what my feelings being physically present there, is a question to wait for.


The Nearest airport to the Chefchaouen is Tangier Airport. I had to book a direct flight to Tangier so I did, reaching the airport I had to book a private car or through the public transport to get to my dream, Chefchaouen. I got a lucky chance to share a taxi with other passengers to get to the city of colors in less than two hours drive.

Chefchaouen is a small city in the RIF mountains in the northwest of Morocco.

It’s evening, I can listen to the call to Muslims prayer, It’s melodious, giving me an immense feeling standing at the top of a small blue colored city at this moment. A question I was having all along my travel to this city is about its color.

What is behind this Blue?

It keeps the houses cool during the warm summer times, It keeps the mosquitoes away, are the interesting answers I’m getting from the surrounding. Whatever the reason is, standing on the top and looking down to the different shades of the city gives you a strange feeling you should at least experience.


It was a very short time in a Blue dream, by getting there I realized that there were many things to do in a small city to make your trip an unforgettable one. I missed getting lost in the maze streets of Chefchaouen, that’s a tremendous idea when you are fed up of anything in your life, you should try to roam to the complex and strange ways around, it pleases.

Visiting the souks, Museum, enjoying the nightlife in Chefchaouen would be the things I cannot forget about the Ble City. I really enjoyed my visit to Chefchaouen.

Leaving For Fes

On the third day of my Morocco Holidays, I had to catch the bus to Fes. It is four hours long drive to get to the destination but believe me, not a single second will go waste as there is a beautiful route all along. You really see the countryside of Morocco which is exceptional to experience.

It would take day-long fatigue to reach the fez and you’ll get time to roam in the streets and souks in town.

As I’m fond of art, culture, and history. For me, there is a lot of things to do in Fez, Do you want to join me visiting the historical and cultural places, accompany me. I have much time before sunset to visit the Royal Palace.

The Royal Palace has a surprise for you

It is unfortunate to know that the palace isn’t open to the public. I can only see the large golden Palace gates which are a great piece of architecture I must say. Thanks to my camera that I could save the memories of me being there.


My guide told me about Mellah, or Jewish Quarter around the Royal Palace. Although Mellah is no longer a home for the Jewish community, I had to witness the place so I went there with my guide. Historically, the Jewish quarters were situated near the royal palace or the residence of a governor. It was to protect the inhabitants from riots. Jewish community played a key role in local economies.

In the night time, you would not be having much to do, so for passing a good time, you can head to one of the good destinations in town to enjoy. The belly dance show is a tradition in Morocco, It is a way of entertainment while having dinner in top-ranked hotels in town.

I visited the oldest university in the next morning with the help of the local authorities. It was good to witness the place which is historically recognized as a very first higher education center. There is now a Mosque where Muslims pray five times a day.

Fez won’t bore you anyway. It is not much touristy place but it has a lot of things to give you.  It has one of the oldest medinas.

Next comes Merzouga

I listened about the dreams of having a night in Sahara, that is my first experience into Sahara with a little fear of hardships people face there. I started my travel on midday the next morning. Fez to Merzouga is a 5-hour drive with beautiful landscapes and snow on Atlas mountains.

Morocco Landscape

Where is the snow in February?

No, February gives a clear sign that the summers are on the way. The temperature remains average with 21°C in the daytime with warm sun rays.

Merzouga is a town on the edge of the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

I woke up early after I don’t know when I did go to sleep last night. That was an amazing evening with music and dinner and the privilege to see the wonderful view of the sunrise in Sahara with camels. It is to head on to the last destination.

My Last destination, Marrakech

Nothing wrong in starting your tour from Marrakech, but I had to speak to Marrakech the way she speaks to me, I had to tell the stories of my journey to her. I don’t know it is my first time, it seems that I’m much more familiar with this part of the earth since long. Marching to Marrakech has a lot of sceneries to view all the way along.

It is eight hours or more drive to Marrakech from Merzouga. I slept half a way because of the constant adventuring Morocco, I was so restless, but as soon as I entered Marrakech the air was warming me up.


I reached Marrakech around 4pm, had lunch in a local restaurant after checking into a riad better among all. That was time to explore the beauties of Marrakech because I have no time left, about to fly the very next day early before dawn.

Morocco – The Hillarious Djemma el Fna:

Last year, one of my friends visited Marrakech and used to tell the stories of Djemma el Fna. It is a very center of a city, a happier place, full of life and joy. With the sun going down, You can witness a festival in Djemma, everything gets a life. Fortune tellers, Snake charmers, fire swallowers, storytellers, all engage fascinates the tourists.

The square transforms into a magical circus surrounded by the food stalls and the rhythms of African Arabic Music. I’ve enjoyed all that and then came back to my riad for packing. I have to go back home tomorrow.I can’t express my feelings to leave Morocco with a lot of memories that would fetch me back one day. Flying back home from Marrakech International Airport.  Good Bye Morocco.