Most Anticipated Games For 2020

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Every year, we brace ourselves as well as our bank accounts for the sake of amazing game experiences. There are literally tons of game releases yearly, but only some are every worth the hype. We gathered up the hottest video games coming to our mobile stores this year, ones that people will be losing their minds over if they haven’t been already!

Surely, there’s no one who would want to miss these game sequels, adaptations, and originals from developers that bring inventive freshness to the genre through every release. With groundbreaking releases from Epic Games, EA, Naughty Dog, and a lot more, 2020 is beginning to look like a good time for gamers. 

Do you hear that? That’s the hype train coming in. And you better get in fast. Here’s a quick list of the games we’re definitely going to have our paws on soon.

The Last of Us Part II

Platform: PS4

2013’s favourite heroine Ellie is all grown up. She takes centre stage as an average 19-year-old girl living in a post-apocalyptic world along with four new characters waiting to be discovered. This action-adventure horror sequel picks up its storyline five years from the first game set in Jackson, Wyoming, where Joel and Ellie have pursued to live a steady life, as far as post-pandemic lifestyles go. 

Developers, Naughty Dog, even stated that this was the longest game they’ve ever released so far. Is there a prayer circle to prevent the pushing back of its release date? Because we want in! 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing fans, listen up! There’s no need to feed on crumbs anymore. You have been deprived of Animal Crossing updates long enough. As its release date nears and pre-orders open, you can almost smell the fresh breeze in your very own island to name and govern. 

Help your citizens live a harmonious life in the sandy paradise of your creation by becoming their dutiful mayor. The setting may be different, but rest assured, you’ll be reunited with beloved characters like Isabelle. This time, you will be challenged by the gameplay heavily focused on crafting much like a castaway. But don’t fret, the game is confirmed to be co-op.

Diablo Immortal

Platform: Android and iOS devices

You really thought we’d forget about mobile gamers on this list? Well, you thought wrong. Activision Blizzard is set to serve us with an RPG hack and slash that was received so well upon announcement. Emphasis on ‘was’. Fans have been expressing their rage through memes over the lack of updates on its release. However, true Diablo fans are still holding up faith in the quality releases of the developers, time and time again. 

We doubt that the developers are in any worry over this, though. According to recent data from GamingScan, their sales continue to grow year after year on different platforms. Perhaps, all there is left for us to do is to trust the saying, “you can’t rush brilliance.”

Apex Legends

Platform: Android and iOS devices

Fans are on the edge of their seats ready to slide in the classic terrains of Apex Legends on their handheld devices a la PUBG. It has been said by EA CEO Andrew Wilson that people can expect the game by the 2021 fiscal year, which by the way, starts by May 2020.

So yes, this battle royale game-changer is shaping up to be friendlier to mobile gamers. In the meantime, maybe you can start practising shooting and sliding with different heroes on your PC. Don’t forget to optimize your software and hardware settings, too.

Cyberpunk 2077

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia

The creators of The Witcher III are coming out with an all-new RPG set in a future where everyone is all about modification. This open-world is an adaptation of Cyberpunk 2020, a tabletop game created by Mike Pondsmith. 

With over 75 side quests, you play a mercenary named V in the search for an implant believed to give people immortality. As a futuristic outlaw, you’ll saunter through the rich megalopolis world hyper fixated on glitz, glory, and most importantly, power.

These top 5 games you should be looking forward to this 2020 are just some of the games the community has been clamouring for. We’ve mentioned the typical talk of the town from big franchises you’ll surely love. Surely these bits of drama and insider scoops you’ve read are enough to leave you wanting for more. Grab a seat and sit down with us as we camp out in the cold, waiting to try these games out.