What Are the Most Popular Soccer Betting Markets & Tips?

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There are many reasons why soccer is so popular. It is popular among fans and bettors alike because of the fun and thrill associated with it. The action is typically fast and a game doesn’t last as long as in other sports. If you are a punter, you can significantly increase your chances of winning with the help of the best soccer tips.

When it comes to soccer, you can find tips on all leagues, matches, and betting markets. So what are the most popular markets which are covered by tipsters? Find out here.

1. Correct Score Tips

This is one of the most popular bet in soccer. It is a straightforward bet, as its name suggests. You will be betting on the final score of the match. However, it has high odds because it is difficult to predict. It requires expert predictions to be able to get it accurately.

2. Double Chance

If you are looking for a safer betting market, Double Chance is just for you. It allows you to pick 2 of the 3 potential outcomes of a match. Since you get two chances, this bet is known as Double Chance. Your wager wins if the result is any one of your choices. It is easier to win this bet compared to the Correct Score market.

3. Draw No Bet

You can also find today’s soccer prediction sites offering tips on these bets. This is also a safer betting market.

  • You will have to choose from 2 selections
  • You will be betting on only one side winning
  • There is no option to bet on a draw
  • If the match ends in a draw, your stake gets returned

4. Over/Under Total Goals Bet

This is another simple market and is easier to bet compared to the Correct Score bet. You will be predicting whether the total number of goals in a match will be higher or lower than a specific number line. Over/Under 2.5 Goals is the most popular betting line. There is no need to predict the exact score in the match.

5. Half-Time & Half-Time/Full-Time Tips

Half-time bet is different from Half-Time/Full-Time bet. And before you search for the best soccer tips on these markets, it is important to know the differences.

  • Half-Time Bet: You will be betting only on the outcome at the half-time mark.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time Bet: You will be predicting both the result at the half-time and the full-time.

You can bet on all the 3 potential outcomes – Home, Draw, or Away.

6. First Goalscorer & Last Goalscorer

These are interesting betting markets which are also covered by tipsters on today’s soccer prediction sites. These bets are exactly what their names imply. You will be predicting the player who will score the first or last goal in a game. However, this doesn’t mean that they are easy to predict.

You can place these bets in situations where they offer excellent value. However, you shouldn’t be spending too much on these bets. You can find odds for each player’s chances of scoring.

7. Yellow Cards

You can even bet on the number of yellow cards or red cards that may be issued in a match. Bookies typically set the line on the number. You can bet whether it is going to be higher or lower than the number. Again, getting help from expert tipsters can make a huge difference in your profits.

8. Corners Bet

You can also bet on the number of corners in an upcoming match. Again, the bookies set a line and you can bet whether the number is going to be higher or lower. This can be a thrilling market to bet on, but it is difficult to predict. So it is best to rely on tips from the experts.

There are even more betting markets you can find on today’s football prediction sites. Whichever market you choose to bet on, it is important to get the help of experts. These tipsters do all the research and evaluate all the key factors before coming up with their tips. Besides, they have years of experience. The knowledge thus gained can make a huge difference in being able to predict matches and events effectively.