Moving with Children: How to Prepare?

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On the one hand, moving is a great time, full of new hopes, interesting experiences, and opportunities. But it’s also a time of intense stress. How do you survive moving to a new place and not go crazy? If you approach the matter wisely, you can not only save your nerves but also get closer to your children. If you want to spend more time with your family you better consider hiring moving professionals. Check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money.

In the chaos of moving, finding carriers, planning and packing, it’s easy to forget the main thing: you really need to prepare your children for what you’re all going through together. You need to explain what you expect from them and what to expect in a new place for them. Trying to protect children from stress and not telling them in advance about the difficulties that a change of residence entails, you do not help them, but, on the contrary, you risk exposing them to much more stress in a new place.

Look back and look forward

Depending on their age, children experience leaving the home they may have spent their entire lives in differently. It is one thing to move to an apartment located near your former place of residence, and quite another to another district or even city. Children may be intimidated by the fact that they will no longer see their friends, that they will have to go to a new school where they do not know anyone. To help your child say goodbye to friends on a positive wave, arrange a farewell party to which he can invite everyone he wants. And then the children will remember the farewell as a holiday, not as a tragedy.

And don’t destroy the memorabilia that is associated with the old apartment. Together, the whole family will work on creating an album, a slideshow or a box of “memories”. In the process, talk to your children about the future-fantasize about how wonderful life will be in a new place. And ask your children what they most expect from a new place — perhaps their answers will help you more easily adapt them to their new life.

Familiar environment

It is important that children feel at home in their new place as soon as possible. If the child is very small, be sure to take his favorite toys to a new apartment and do not pack them away, as they will be needed literally on the first day. Bring a box of toys to the new nursery and invite the child to “populate” their Pets-so the baby will feel comfortable, besides, this activity will take him a long time.

Let the new apartment soon become a home

The next step after unpacking the toys should be unpacking and arranging those cute little things that make a faceless property your home. It can be photos, your family’s favorite Board game, or something else that is dear to all of you. Only then proceed to the long and difficult process of laying out the rest of the things in the places of the new apartment-clothes, dishes, books, etc.

Try to stick to your usual daily routine – let the children go to bed on time, and you will not be too lazy to read them a fairy tale before going to bed, no matter how tired you are. Of course, on the day of the move itself, there can be no question about the schedule, but you can prepare a favorite dish for the whole family – macaroni and cheese or Olivier, which is a sure sign of the holiday for everyone. First, this way the child will understand that moving is not a tragedy, but something very significant and important. Secondly, a joint dinner at the usual table will help to feel comfortable not only for the younger generation, but also for you, the parents.

Plan to do something together right after the move. If you are moving on a weekend, try to take time off from work on Monday — use an extra day (preferably two or even three) to be with your family, walk around the new area, explore where there are good parks and playgrounds, and, if you are very lucky, meet new good neighbors.