Myths Around E-Cigarettes: What People Should Know

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Myths Around E-Cigarettes – E-cigarettes are very controversial. Unfortunately, many people are in the dark about a lot of things related to e-cigarettes. Today, readers will be told that vaping is a healthier alternative, and then tomorrow they will hear that the habit is equally bad. However, those who are wise will always look for the most reputable information that will guide them closer to the truth. Myths and misconceptions surrounding e-cigarettes are numerous. And it is time to debunk the most common and confusing ones. So, let us dive into them and learn together.

No One Regulates E-Cigarettes

Unfortunately, many people are led to believe that no one regulates e-cigarettes across the world. But the truth of the matter is that they are highly regulated. One of the European countries with the most stringent measures concerning tobacco and related products is the UK. Similarly, the USA has legal requirements that dictate the grade of the products that will be used to make e-cigarettes. Almost every state in the world has some regulations to control the use of e-cigarettes.

The Vapor Is Always Harmless

After so many adverts and promotions about these products, people have been told that the vapor from e-cigarettes cannot harm them. But in a real sense, some e-juice with nicotine contains carcinogens just like tobacco. Even the ones without nicotine may cause irritation and other allergic reactions to the airways especially for beginners. According to science and current studies, long-term use of any form of e-cigarette may have negative health effects.

E-Cigarettes Are Not Addictive

If you peruse the ePuffer website and order your first e-pen and a supply of e-juice that does not contain any nicotine, you can easily control your vaping. However, those that contain nicotine are as addictive as tobacco. If you did not know, nicotine is the main cause for the urge to smoke or vape. Generally, the habit of using e-cigarettes is not that easy to quit. More so, those who start when they are young may have a lot of problems when they want to quit later in life.

Vaping Leads to Smoking

It is common to hear that e-cigarettes help people to quit smoking through the gradual regulation and reduction of nicotine from high levels down to low levels and eventually to none at all. There are many people who are told that when they start vaping, they will end up smoking tobacco. While there are such cases, the people involved switched out of their own will rather than because they had been vaping.

Vaping Gives People ”Popcorn Lung”

Well, this is a common myth that you have probably heard many times. But have you ever had ”popcorn lung”? The answer is most likely that you have not. Just to explain to those who do not know, this is an illness known as bronchiolitis obliterans, which damages the lungs and causes people to cough a lot. So far, there is no evidence that e-cigarette use has any relationship to this illness. If a connection is discovered, researchers will alert people through publications.

So, if you previously believed any of these myths, you now know the truth. It is time to enjoy your e-cigarette without the fear of any of the above.