New Freedom For People With Diabetes

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AOK PLUS has been assuming the costs for a flash glucose measuring system since the beginning of the year. A new and bloodless measuring method for diabetics. I experienced the relief that this brings in everyday life with Hanna, who has had to live with her diabetes for a good year.

It all started in February 2016. The now 7-year-old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. A huge shock for the parents: “We were totally dissolved. It wasn’t a broken leg. No cold that goes away,” says Hanna’s mom. Because whoever has diabetes will unfortunately never get rid of it. So much fate can only be digested slowly – for Hanna too. “It was hard to understand that after two weeks in hospital she should still be sick.” Do you know about Diabetes Freedom, Learn here more about Diabetes Freedom review.

Measure Around The Clock

Growing up with diabetes is not easy, and not always carefree. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that usually occurs at a young age. Without any externally supplied insulin, Hanna’s body is in a life-threatening state. In order to prevent acute metabolic derailments and organ damage, she has to measure blood sugar several times a day. That means washing your hands, taking out the measuring device, pricking your finger and smearing blood on a test strip. This procedure is repeated several times a day, including at night. Otherwise, there is a risk that Hanna will hypoglycemia and fall into a coma.

Fingers Were Bitten

She endures these measurements with discipline and courage. But over time, this measurement method leaves its mark. “My fingers were soon completely bitten. I didn’t even know where to stab, ”says Hanna in a low voice. No wonder: Because diabetics have to measure their blood sugar up to eleven times a day using the conventional method.

Gained a Great Deal of Quality of Life

The new Free-Style Libre measurement system makes Hanna’s daily diabetes life much easier. A sensor about the size of a 2 euro coin is now stuck to the upper arm of the 7-year-old. The probe is located right under the skin, measures, and permanently stores the current glucose value. The sensor can stay on the body for up to 14 days. No more test strips, pain, and bloodshed!

“I can now measure when and where I want,” says Hanna. On the go, while swimming, at school, or while playing with her friends – with one simple movement she can find out her glucose level quickly and easily.

But that’s not the only relief. Instead of an actual state, Hanna and her parents see what happens between the individual measurements and whether the blood sugar level tends to rise or fall. This means that Hanna can react immediately and does not have to wait until symptoms of hypoglycemia appear.