4 Ways to Use an Online Notes App for Your Business

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Running a business requires you to stay organized. You have to keep track of everything from new client acquisition and sales to expenses and project details. While there are a lot of tools and apps online to help you run your business, you can organize the majority of your business stuff using a simple notes app.

Keep Track of Equipment and Large Purchases

Protecting your company’s assets is extremely important. After all, that’s why you have business insurance, right? 

When you have a loss, your insurance company needs to know exactly what needs to be replaced to ensure that your settlement amount is accurate. That means you need to keep detailed records, including pictures of any expensive equipment, furniture, and large purchases you make — and that’s easy to do using a notes app like Evernote.

All you need to do is:

  1. Create a notebook for asset inventory.
  2. Create a note inside that notebook and take a picture of the item and its serial number.
  3. Save these photos, along with the date you purchased the item, the cost of the item, and a scanned copy of the receipt all in the same note.
  4. Repeat the process for all of your company’s assets. When you’re done, you’ll have a note for each asset containing all the information you need.

If you run a retail location, then you can also snap photos of restockable items as you receive them. This way if a product is recalled, you can quickly check to see if you need to send products back to your supplier.

Create a Notebook For Ideas

Inspiration can strike anywhere. You might come across a social media campaign you like or an advertisement that catches your eye and think that it’s something you can use in a future marketing campaign of your own. You need a place to bank all of these ideas, and a notes app is a good option. All you have to do is create a notebook for marketing ideas and inspiration. You can even separate your notes further by creating tags for social media marketing ideas, print marketing ideas, and paid advertisement ideas. 

Keep a Running Bank of Content Ideas

When you have a website, it’s important to continually publish fresh content. When you publish articles or blog posts on your website, you have information to share with your online audience, and as long as the content you publish is optimized for search engines, you help improve your site’s overall search engine ranking. Effective search engine optimization helps drive organic traffic to your website, increasing brand awareness and sales.

The good news is, you don’t have to continually come up with your own ideas. Instead, use your notes app to save online content you think would make a good article for your website. Then, take the topic and put your own spin on it to create an original piece of content for your site. 

Manage Daily Routines and Checklists

Notes apps like Evernote can also be used to keep track of your daily routines and to-do list items. This really comes in handy if you have employees because you can allow your team access to your checklists, so they always know exactly what they need to accomplish each day. 

For example, if you run a restaurant or coffee shop, you might have a checklist that includes each task that needs to be completed before opening shop and closing for the night. This way your manager can check off each item as it’s completed so he or she doesn’t forget anything. Checklists like these also help your employees stay productive because it keeps them focused on what needs to be done.

When you’re looking for software to help your business run smoothly, you’ll find that there are plenty of options. However, notes apps are both affordable and versatile, making them a good option for business owners who like to keep things as simple as possible.