Online Gaming Industry Is Growing At a Faster Pace – Is It True?

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Online Gaming Industry Is Growing At a Faster Pace – Is It True? A lot of things change when you grow up. You begin spending lesser and lesser time with your friends and more time at work. Life becomes hectic, and things that were once a regular part of your life become a leisure activity you crave for. Such is the case when it comes to video games.

Whether you are a kid or an adult looking for some time to unwind, video games have been the ultimate escape for all. This is one of the reasons why the gaming industry has been thriving for decades. 

One category that has explicitly been growing at a fast is the online gaming industry.

The Growth Of The Online Gaming Industry

In 2016, there were more than 2.6 billion gamers globally. It is safe to assume that this number had likely increased in the past three years. As per the last available statistics, the video game market reached 90 billion dollars in 2017. 

The video gaming industry can further be bifurcated into different categories. This includes PC gaming, mobile gaming, console gaming, and online gaming. While each of these categories is witnessing growth, the most significant growth is experienced by online gaming. Online gaming is being promoted heavily via both traditional and non-traditional media outlets. It is common to see TV and radio ads, out of house advertising, press advertising, and other promotions. From 2011 to 2019, the worldwide value of the PC online game market increased from 21.1 billion dollars to 33.6 billion dollars.

Types of Online Games and Their Growth

There are three types of online games. This includes a multiplayer game, social game, and modern online games. 

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games account for over 40 percent of the overall gaming industry. It requires the user to install certain apps or software into their user device before being able to play the game with other gamers around the world.,, and Supercell are just a few of the many examples of multiplayer games. Considering how it is becoming a trend to be a part of a gaming community, multiplayer games are driving the overall online gaming market to new heights. 

Social games

Social games refer to platforms that require registration and sometimes a small subscription fee to be played. You cannot merely access the games offered by such platforms online. Instead, you need first to complete the due process of registering online and giving the required data to be able to play the game. An example of social gaming platform is Unlimited Gamez Mo. While the game doesn’t allow you to be a part of a gaming community as such, but it does require you to pay a small fee to access the hundreds of games available on the platform. 

Since the platform delivers a wide variety of game, the price doesn’t seem much. Available kinds of games include adventure, shooting, cooking, brain teasers, and problem-solving games. Apart from this, online games available on social media sites also come under social games. With increased internet penetration and the rise in the use of social media, social games also play an integral role in the growth of online gaming. 

Modern online games

There are certain online games now available that give console and PC gaming a run for their money. While previously online games were considered to be a no-frills, simple version of a console game with sub-par graphics, now the world is changing. Now, you can access games with stereo sound, 3D graphics, computer animations, and excellent plot without having to invest in a console or an app. 

Online gaming is genuinely growing, but why?

One thing is for certain; online gaming is growing at quite a fast pace. But, the question arises, why is this so?

Here are some factors that have helped the online gaming industry thrive, even when faced with competition from within from other types of video games. 

1.    Easy accessibility

You don’t always have your Xbox or PC with you. You may not have your device where your mobile game is installed. But, as long as you have any type of device and a sound internet connection, you are ready to play the game. This means that whether it be commute or a boring party, online games can be played anywhere and anytime. 

2.    A wide selection of options

Humans like choices. While we might hate choosing if we are bombarded with options, the fact remains that most of us prefer having at least a handful of options to choose from. This also holds true for video games. However, there is only so much storage that your device has. The fact that online games don’t make use of your internal storage means that you can search and play as many games as you want. 

3.    A sense of community 

Most (but, not all) online games allow you to interact with other players online. This helps you feel a part of a community. Even though the world is a global village, many think that people living in today’s age feel very lonely. Belonging to a community helps the masses feel better and more connected with one another. 

4.    Easy to play

There is a certain proportion of gamers who are avid and professional players. They take video gaming very seriously. But, then there are the masses who merely look at games as an escape from their hectic lives. And there is a significantly more significant proportion of them in the world compared to avid gamers. These people crave for games which are easy to play. Online games provide just this and hence are very popular. 


Yes, the online gaming industry is growing at a fast pace. This trend is likely to continue in the future due to the advantages discussed above. Time will tell how this part of the industry will change with the advent of new technology and gamer preferences. 

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