Best Outdoor Adventures to Explore In Ontario, Canada

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Without wasting a second, plan your summer for Ontario. This summer, get ready for the sizzling journey in Ontario. The city is no less than a recreational treat. The journey starts from the best limo service in Ontario, opening doors for other amazing things happening in the city. This summer celebrate your love for outdoor adventures and conquer your fears. Climb up and scream loud, let your body heal from the scars of routine. Vacations are the ultimate way of getting yourself back to your true self and explore the adventures of life. Ontario is open for the opportunity to let you feel the warmth of the sun, paddle in the river, climb up at the top, skydive, and view life from the top of the tree. This is all amusing and relaxing.

Ontario is full of adventure, each activity will drive you to another and you will continue falling for these adventures. If it isn’t the delightful experience of holidays then what? So, are you ready to plan your summer in Ontario? There are the places and activities mentioned below to make your season happening and thrilling. Plan a journey alone or surprise your family and spend some leisure time with your loved ones.

Explore the Scenic Ontario like never before

Life is boring without all these adventures and thrills. We can’t survive the world living around gadgets and technology all the time. It has its own benefits, but it is also killing for mental beings. However, it is time to help yourself and manage little time for outdoor activities. I have compiled a shortlist of adventurous activities that you can opt for your coming vacations. The list might have specific places in Ontario, but you can always find these activities in almost every city.

Canada is already famous for its hiking trails, coastal areas, hill station and it goes on and on. Here is the list of few favorite places in Ontario by local and foreign travelers.

Exquisiteness in the Greenbelt

Hiking is the one activity that makes you feel comfortable even when your soul is wandering. Greenbelt has a similar effect on the mind. It is home to more than 50 KM of hiking trails. This stunning site is located in Ottawa and a perfect gem for a family picnic. Bird watching, hiking, and biking are some extended activities to enjoy the place at its best.

Ottawa River

Cruising is another best way to explore the beauty of Ottawa. You can reserve your ship along with other 300 passengers in a triple deck ship. The splendor of the city is seen while you’re on the ship. Sightseeing the Rideau Canal and the beautiful view of the sunset is all about the peaceful adventure of life. Away from the hustle-bustle of the crowd and in the middle of Ottawa River – it feels free and you can be reckless to make some delightful memories of the place.

Zipline through Gatineau Park

Zipline can be a great way to explore the city as well as to conquer your fear of heights. It is a 2-3 hour-long adventure and only a few minute drives away from the city of Ottawa. To reach out there, you can book a limo taxi transfer in Ontario. Moreover, let the Zipline adventure test your endurance and strength. Explore the park by passing by the top of the trees. Feel the intensity of your love for nature.

Lake of Two Rivers, Ontario

The Lake of the two rivers in Ontario is one of the hidden gems. It has a less crowd and can be a real peaceful place for visitors in summer or winter. You will come across jaw-dropping views of the sunset. You might not need any Instagram filters to capture this breathtaking. So, gather some sweetest memories with your family at this amazing lake of rivers and enjoy the moment.

Explore the city on a bike

600 KM long pathways through Ottawa will lead you a mesmerizing view of the city. Take a bicycle tour and let yourself ride through the historic views. These urban pathways are quite famous among tourists but few of them have time to enjoy the journey. You can be the one to rent a bike and enjoy the most memorable journey of your life.

Devil’s Punchbowl Falls, Hamilton

According to the resources, Ontario is the waterfall capital of the world. There are almost 100 waterfalls around Hamilton. Devil’s Punchbowl is just one of them with a scenic view and breathtaking beauty. Feel the calmness in the environment and experience the amazing sights. Disclaimer: Your craving for this place will never end.

However, this is just a small list of outdoor adventures in Ontario. While you’re going to book your limo service in Ontario, make sure that you research all the hidden and famous gems of the city. This summer doesn’t get lazy, get on the road and enjoy the ride.