Reasons Why you should Buy OPPO A53S

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Oppo A53S

Each year Oppo surprises the masses by bringing new and innovative technology that’s affordable and exceptional. Their handsets are not only impressive in terms of how they perform and look, but they are also incredibly affordable!

A new mobile which sets new standards to the sleekness and smartness of the design, the Oppo A53S has been one of the many surprises offered by the company this year. Check out these seven reasons to buy!

1. Display & Body

The Oppo A53S has an exemplary display thanks to its large 6.52-inch ultra-wide screen. IPS LCD touchscreen displays brilliant colors and detailed images with a resolution of 1080x 1600 pixels. Because the Oppo A53S’s ultra-wide screen runs from one end to the other, the phone’s bezels are barely visible. Thanks to the notch-less design, as well as the ultra-thin bezels, users can enjoy an ultimate viewing experience. The Oppo A53S is an ideal choice if you spend a lot of time watching screens. The Oppo A53S is distinguished by its elegant appearance and gradient color. Aside from black, blue, and green, you can get the phone in four different colors.

2. OS

The Oppo A53S comes with Oppo’s latest skin, colors OS 12. Organizing your phone is simple and fun with the app drawer feature. Additionally, the notification bar now features bigger icons and transparent backs reflecting the color of the current wallpaper.

Moreover, the system detects when you are driving so it will automatically decline calls and send a text back, as long as you are in riding mode. You are also muted from receiving notifications. It fulfills its purpose of being a true companion for you while driving, and ensures that you are safe at all times.

3. Augmented Camera

With a 48MP main camera and a 5MP secondary camera, the Oppo A53S excels at the camera criterion. Oppo A53S takes images that are exceptionally sharp and vivid. The 48MP camera offers results that are just as detailed and clear as those of a 12MP camera. During daylight conditions, daylight photos offer a wide dynamic range, accurate colors, and numerous other details. With the night mode, memorable events can be frozen in low light.

With the pop-up selfie camera on Oppo A53S, you can take slick portraits right away, but it will take a few seconds before you can start taking shots.

4. Long-Lasting Battery

The fact that it offers the best battery life is one of the main reasons why you should get this phone today! It offers the best battery life among mid-range smartphones.

It is common for mid-range phones to come with a 3000mAh battery that barely lasts a day. With a 4020 mAh battery, the Oppo A53S lasts almost a full day. Our lives can certainly benefit from having quick-charging phones, since they tend to obstruct the smooth flow of work and life.

That’s not all Oppo did. As a result, VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 has been added to the model, giving it full charging power within minutes.

5. Enormous Storage Space

A 8GB RAM and a 128GB storage space are available in the Oppo A53S. The Oppo A53S offers an enormous storage capacity at this price point, while most of its competitors offer 4/128GB. You can perform the most basic of tasks very quickly, including handling day-to-day tasks. Despite storing a large number of applications, videos, photos, songs, and documents, the phone continues to operate smoothly. With the Oppo A53S, downloads do not need to be cleared up to make room for them.

6. Idealistic Hardware

With regards to hardware, Oppo A53S fits comfortably within its midrange range. Nevertheless, the best is available within its range.

With 8GB RAM and the latest Helio P70 processor, it offers impressive performance. With the processor, you can work fluidly and respond quickly. The games and apps launch quickly, and the gaming experience (both graphically and in terms of speed) is fantastic (with 13% better performance than the previous version).

The new hyper boost technology is unique. To keep the phone from lagging, it gives it a timely performance boost.

7.    Affordable Price

The most compelling factor is the price. The Oppo Mobile Price in Pakistan is affordable for most users. If we talk about A53s price its merely is 31,500PKR. Considering its specs, the Oppo A53S is remarkably affordable. Generally, mid-range phones come with smaller storage spaces, poorer camera quality, and thin bodies. Despite this, the Oppo A53S has certainly provided the community with the opportunity to own a better phone at a reasonable price.

Final Words

Overall, the A53S seems like a mixed bag of a device. The phone lacks useful features, such as a fast charger and a high-refresh rate display, in addition to its poor camera performance. The software experience is quite good, however, and the performance is decent. Although there are better options at a lower price, the A53S does offer 5G capabilities, if that is a factor for you.

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