Papa John’s vs. Pizza Hut

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Papa John’s vs. Pizza Hut – Pizza is by far one of the most popular fast food choices in America, especially since you can easily have it delivered to your front door. Since there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a delicious meal you can have at home without ever needing to look at your oven, it’s no surprise that there’s heavy competition for all of that real estate on your tongue.

Before grabbing your phone to order that bacon cheeseburger pizza delivery, here’s a quick look at two of the biggest pizza purveyors today. Who’s got the better options: Papa John’s or Pizza Hut?


There is a lot of debate over which kind of crust is best. Thankfully, both Pizza Hut and Papa John’s offer a variety of options for the discerning consumer. They each have the equivalent of thick, thin and pan-style options, but after traditional choices, things get quite different.

Pizza Hut tends to make the crust a different aspect of the meal, and are responsible for the fabled “stuffed crust” variety. The chain also offers “cheesy bites” which isn’t even a crust at all but is instead small bite-sized bread morsels surrounding the actual pie. 

Papa John’s keeps the crust as an integral part of its serving and opt to keep things simple with a light dusting of cheese, even supplying garlic butter to complement the fluffy slice ends. In addition, if you want the best tasting gluten free pizza, Papa is the way to go since Pizza Hut doesn’t even offer the choice!

Cheese and Sauce

A great crust can be ruined by greasy cheese and bland sauce. Here Papa John’s is the clear winner in the choice department since Pizza Hut has very limited offerings.

Both venues offer standard mozzarella, but Papa John’s also has the option for parmesan-romano and even a three cheese blend. The same can be said for sauces since you can have the standard, barbecue, buffalo and a cheese sauce, but Pizza Hut doesn’t offer a ranch option.


Papa John’s entered the pizza delivery scene with the goal of providing the freshest ingredients out there. While that may be true, they also have a wider selection than Pizza Hut when it comes to meat and veggies.

The standards are there for both brands: pepperoni, ground beef, bacon, pineapple and even three kinds of peppers. However, Papa Johns brings additional options like anchovies and pickles to the table, taking the term “supreme pizza” to a whole new level.


For those who look to pizza as a staple of their diet, getting a good deal on dinner is always welcome. Both restaurants offer a points program, giving you access to the cheapest pizza specials available. However, the Papa program gives you $10 per 75 points, where 75 Pizza Hut points will nab you an order of breadsticks, a $4.99 value.

Based on specialty deals and quality choices alone, it looks like Papa John’s comes out on top. Make sure you search online for a pizza delivery restaurant in your area to see how your local chain stands up to the competition!