6 Part-time Jobs in LA That Gives You Decent Money

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6 Part-time Jobs in LA That Gives You Decent Money. An increasing number of Americans are now opting to work part-time rather than full-time jobs. Some of them are doing this because their busy schedules dictate the move. Others are choosing part-time voluntarily because it complements their interests. Whether because they do so to fulfill other obligations or not, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that this move has been gradually taking place ever since the Great Recession.

What’s more, the types and numbers of part-time job opportunities are increasing more rapidly now than it has at any time in history. Interestingly, the pool that opts for part-time jobs consists of employees with diverse educational backgrounds. You won’t just find high school diploma holders choosing this option. Even those with master’s and PhD degrees are taking this route to earn.

Examining a part-time job takes the mystery out of why people choose to earn this way. They receive a higher hourly wage, for one. Secondly, the flexibility of work hours allows them to live according to their customized schedules. Thirdly, such jobs offer them better opportunities for growth.  

If you’ve considered dabbling in a part-time profession, consult the list below to see where to start:

Graphic Designer

Today’s world is more attuned to the graphic image than it is to the literal word. Long form blog posts have been taken over by infographics. Hence, it shouldn’t seem unusual that the field of graphic design is growing steadily these days. 

As a graphic designer, you will be in charge of all aspects of website development. You’ll be involved in designing buttons, logos, and icons. But you’ll also be a part of the process for a business’ overall branding and online presentation. That includes critical business functions, such as social media and advertising.

With a part-time career in graphic design, you can exercise your creative side and earn big bucks. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But wait, we have other equally lucrative options below!

Affiliate Marketer

This profession was made to be a side hustle opportunity! In affiliate marketing, you must find the right product to sell if you want to earn a lot of money. Moreover, who you partner with will also determine if you rake in the dough or not. 

For instance, choosing to partner with a small, local ecommerce store may pay, but not much. Dropshipping they will get you more! However, if you partner with a tech company, such as Shopify, you might be looking at a hefty price tag. So, think carefully before becoming an affiliate who brings new customers to brands.

Group Fitness Instructor

As one, you will be leading gym and fitness club member classes to achieve personal fitness goals. You will be mainly in charge of conducting safe exercise routines that fulfil those goals and needs. But if you do it in a way that is both exciting and fun while being useful, you will get more clients willing to join your workout experience. 

Instructors can teach various classes, include cycling, Zumba, Pilates, and yoga. Depending on how capable you are at handling specific age groups, you can also choose to design and teach a customized version, such as one for senior citizens. 

Project Assistant

A project assistant works with a company for a specific, pre-decided duration. The organization that hires you may need you for troubleshooting specific issues that you specialize in or for updating or maintaining resources, to analyze their data, etc. 

You may need a bachelor’s degree in a related subject area or experience in a specific industry to become a project assistant.


There are now apps that put together a database of available dog walkers for customers who need one. You can register and offer your services once you have been approved. Advantages that come with such jobs include spending time just strolling around with pooch pals and good pay. Tools that you’ll need to do your job well: a good phone with the app on it!

Additionally, you can move on to a dog sitting and dog boarding position that pays substantially better!

Local Truck Driver

While you are evaluating the pros and cons of choosing a new part-time career, we’d ask you to look into this one. That’s because it comes with more than a good income. Local truck driving jobs in los angeles offers you a great opportunity to travel. You can get to know your country in a way that would be impossible with most other jobs. 

Of course, many reputable companies also offer their drivers great pay. But you’ll also enjoy the common benefits associated with this career. For instance, you may be looking at health and dental insurance, paid vacation, flexible schedules, and paid holidays. 

Moreover, you can pick the kind of haul that you want to drive, such as local, cross-region, or long-distance. 

Parting thoughts

Just as with a full-time job, finding the perfect career may take some time. But once you do find it, you’ll have free time to do other things while earning money!