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Passively Toning the Body With Coolsculpting

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Toning the body and losing weight are two completely different stories. Losing weight requires you to do enough exercise, go on plenty of diets and generally live a more physically active lifestyle. When it comes to toning the body in various places, this method doesn’t always work. 

Each muscle that we have has its own nuances and requires a different technique to properly tone it. Every little corner of your body is special in its own way and the more generalized weight loss techniques may not be enough to get those exact shapes and edges that you’re looking for. So for the more specialized toning results, you’ll need a little Coolsculpting NYC clinics’ efficient and easy way to get rid of fat clumps from specific parts of the body. But how exactly does it work and what does it mean to “passively tone the body”?

The Magic Behind Melting Fat with Cold

When you think of fat reduction treatments, there are a few out there that spring to mind. There are those that require special injections of different compounds which are capable of burning through fat, such as Kybella. Or there’s liposuction, which requires a little incision to be made into your body after which a little rod is inserted which sucks up certain amounts of fat and reshapes that area of the body.

Well these are two of the safest forms of fat reduction procedures, Coolsculpting requires no incisions or injections at all. It is performed completely on the outside of the skin, making it a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. This is because unlike other fat reduction treatments, Coolsculpting utilizes the fat cells weakness to the cold, also known as “apoptosis.”

Unlike the other methods of fat reductions, apoptosis destroys fat cells from the inside. Pockets of fat accumulate in various parts of the body as a result of bad diets or a physically inactive lifestyle. These pockets of fat grow on top of one another and all of a sudden, that part of your body is a little bigger than it was before and in all the wrong ways. So, with apoptosis, the fat cells that make up these pockets of fat begin to deteriorate and destroy themselves from the inside. The dead fat cells are then repurposed back into the body, making the pocket of fat in that area smaller.

And one of the ways that you can stimulate apoptosis is with cold temperatures, 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius to be exact. This may seem cold at the start when your skin isn’t used to it, but after a few moments of getting blasted with constant cold air, it’ll get used to it and all of a sudden, you won’t feel a thing. This makes painkillers or anesthetics pretty much pointless for Coolsculpting, since your own skin is built to take on these cold temperatures and endure them.

So, don’t worry about any pains or aches during the procedure. You won’t feel a thing. After around an hour, most of the time even less than that, of your skin getting exposed to cold air, the fat cells will go into their apoptosis phase. As they do, they’ll get smaller and smaller, until they’re just a little husk leftover from the process. Sooner or later they get scooped up by the body and safely flushed away. That’s the entire process; it happens completely on the inside of the body, without needing to open a single fiber of skin. 

The Key is Patience

But this advantage of being completely natural and non-invasive does come with its own setbacks. While no cutting or opening of the skin means fewer side effects, lesser chance of an allergic reaction and overall, a non-painful procedure and recovery, this also means that it will take a bit of time. One thing that many other fat reduction treatments really strive to accomplish is burn through fat as fast as possible. Now, by fast, we’re still talking about several weeks of time, since you can’t just straight up remove fat layers from under the skin, that would lead to disasters. 

To counteract that, doctors remove fat in smaller portions through several treatments, or in the case of liposuction, remove a little bit of it and allow the fat layers to reconfigure themselves. But Coolsculpting takes a lot more time than most other treatments. To begin seeing any significant changes in how you look, you may need to wait upwards of a month. And for the final results, you’d be asked to wait from 4 months to half a year. Since the body is removing the fat cells and they have to first go through apoptosis, this takes a bit of time.

But throughout this time, you do get to see your body tone itself and become slimmer in certain areas. Obviously, if you want to keep the results to a positive, you have to avoid any of the habits that made you have clumps of fat in the first place. There’s no point in getting treated, only to exclusively eat junk food and never get off the couch. You have to do a bit of work to keep the body fit, while it continues to tone itself.

During this time you’ll need all the help you can get with the process, so clinics offer a lot of support for their clients who have to go through all that waiting. Clinics like Skinly Aesthetics provide non-stop support for their clients, making the wait go by a little faster. Their Coolsculpting NYC package doesn’t just come with high-quality fat reduction treatments, but also all the knowledge and assistance that only a veteran team of cosmetic experts can provide.

Coolsculpting is a true gem of a treatment. It’s a super easy and effective solution for those looking to trim a few areas, without having to go through all kinds of painful procedures and treatments. Check it out for yourself if you’re willing to go through the weight of seeing just exactly how the body can tone itself passively.