The Perfect Flower Match

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Perfect Flower Match – We all know that when it comes to flower giving what counts is the intention, but choosing the right arrangement can become a difficult task. Have you ever thought that there might be a connection between the colour and type of flowers you pick and the personality of the receiver?

Talking bouquets…

For years and years flowers have been attributed with different meanings. Back in the 19th century during the Victorian era the language of flowers, known as Floriography was used to share secret messages with friends and loved ones. Whether consciously or subconsciously, are we picking colours which link back to our personalities? 

Perfect Flower Match
Perfect Flower Match

One of the UK’s leading online florists, Serenata Flowers, has recently studied the traits associated with every birth month flower and correlated this with the main traits from Myers-Briggs personality type indicator revealing the best flower for each personality type or career.

Personality type, which flower are you?

Personality type ISTJ traits are introversion, sensing, thinking and judging which correlate with the traits of the birth flower Aster / Myosotis. A calm, reserved and formal character, they share the birth flower traits of patience, love and passion. People who have careers as doctors, civil engineers and property managers tend to have this personality type. This flower is a vivid and vibrant violet known as the royal colour which is signifies tradition, success and admiration. 

Tradition, honesty and organizational skills are the main traits of an ESTJ personality and they will harmonise with the Daffodil flower which carries the birth traits of loyalty, respect, tradition, energy and innovation. Perfect Flower Match. This powerful yellow flower is often associated with the beginning of spring as it is one of the first flowers to bloom.

Innovative people like psychologists, professors or designers tend to have personality indicators including stubbornness, morality and idealism. The perfect flower to complement an INFJ personality type is Larkspur which aligns with their optimistic, loyal and outgoing character. In Victorians times this flower was given as a symbol of open heart and strong feelings towards the receiver.

Further findings revealed that creative people like choreographers, massage therapists and editors tend to have the personality indicators extroversion, intuition, feeling and perceiving and the Lily of the valley is the perfect flower match for ENFP as it aligns with their creative, passionate and charming character. 

Our flower colour choices can be influenced by many factors like gender, location or budget, so next time you are choosing flowers for a loved one, for home or a colleague why not try the new flower generator tool to make the perfect bouquet match.

Perfect Flower Match
Perfect Flower Match