Planning a Trip To Peru? Here’s What To See

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With beautiful mountain ranges, a fascinating history and endless wilderness to explore, Peru is home to some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders. It’s the place to visit if you like your scenery dramatic and your cuisine full of vibrant flavors. While Peru may be known for its charismatic wildlife (and llamas can indeed be found in all good national parks) there is so much more to see in this incredible country.

Laguna 69 Huaraz and the Vinicuna

This lagoon is not quite like the ones you’ll find in exotic beaches. Instead, its deep turquoise color pops brightly among snow-topped mountains. Its depths are certainly captivating, if only for their luminosity. It can be found at the Huascaran National Park, and it is well worth the journey out. The park itself is home to a tropical mountain range known as the Cordillera Blanca. As well as snow-flanked lakes, you’ll also find waterfalls and incredible plateaus. 

Turquoise lagoons aren’t the only brightly-colored trick that Peru has up its sleeve. It will take you a day to get out there and complete, but heading to the Rainbow Mountain (or Vinicuna) is truly a sight for sore eyes. It really has to be seen to be believed, but these mountains look as if they’ve been dipped in marble ink. It is quite the hike as the elevation is incredibly high, so make sure you are equipped to tackle it before you go. 


While the scenery of Ecuador’s wilderness is certainly worth the journey, you absolutely shouldn’t miss the city of Lima. It’s the place to go if you’re after gastronomy, when it comes to Peru travel destinations. It’s also home to the Circuito Magico del Agua, which is the city’s water fountain park. This park truly comes to life during the dark hours, as all the fountains become fully illuminated. You do have to pay a small entry fee, but it’s something that is not to be missed. If you’re only spending one day and night in Lima, this is certainly a romantic way to spend the evening. 

Colca Canyon

The Grand Canyon needs to move over when it comes to ‘top sites to see’ on your bucket list. The Colca Canyon is twice the depth of the USA’s infamous equivalent. This is actually one of the deepest canyons in the entire world, so if you’re planning on getting adventurous, you are advised to do so with caution. The payoff, however, is that you will see some of the most beautiful views in Peru. 

While Machu Picchu should definitely be on your ‘to do’ list, be sure to look around for other gems within Peru. This country is home to some of the most striking natural sites in the world, with vivid colors and exotic wildlife like no other. A package vacation might be a good option if you are planning to hop around from city to city or visit numerous destinations.