Popular Courses to Complete in 2020

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Since the digital revolution and internet access to most parts of the world, online education is on the rise. It provides you the option to have a personalized and more flexible approach to study. Online courses and degrees are comprehensive and credible as most universities and colleges are offering it. 

Another benefit of online courses is you can study what you want with no worries of leaving your hometown for education and adjust to the new environment. Online courses are being offered in almost every field but the following are some of the most popular courses that students can opt for online education. 

Technology Courses: 

Jobs in technology and IT industries are the highest paying ones. According to the ultius review you can opt for an online degree in computer programming or computer systems management to pursue a future career. It has a bright future with higher salaries and more opportunities in the industry. Technology courses are related to software development. The way technology is moving forward technological skills are expected to be high in demand in near future as well. 

Finance Courses: 

Accounting and finance is the next most popular field to choose as an online course as the market has higher-paying jobs for such professionals. The field of finance has a key role to play in every industry so it doesn’t matter what the future of different businesses is, the financial management will still be there for businesses that are relevant to the market. A financial analyst has no limit to his/her potential earning with an average earning of $125,080 per year. 

Specialized Engineering Courses: 

Engineering is another field that you can choose for your online degree. The days are gone when engineering was not possible to learn on distance-based as online education has developed the tools to teach the relevant courses perfectly to the students. There is an expected increase of 10% of jobs in engineering by the next ten years. So the potential to secure a job with a better salary package is there for engineering students as well. 


You will be surprised to know that BSN (Bachelor of Nursing) is now in the top ten most popular online courses around the globe. With more practical work involved in the nursing course, online education has formulated a plan to make a nursing course available for distance learning students as well. 

Students have to complete several placements during the course to meet the practical requirement of the course. Online institutes try to place their students in local health facilities to make things easier for them. It may not be possible for some students who belong to rural or remote areas. It is important to know that these placements are temporary for a few weeks or can be longer for a few months as well. So make sure to have a proper plan in place before taking the online course of nursing graduation. 

Better to speak with the program admission office before you enroll in the course if you have concerns to travel long distances and spending time away from home.