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If you want to be successful as an architect or in your real estate affairs, finding the best professionals to work with should be your first priority. Nowadays 3D animation has become an integral part of the industry but it does not mean that the quality does not matter. You want to offer your clients the best 3D walk through to make their experience convenient and to make them choose you over other companies. So how do you find the best 3D walkthrough animation company if you know nothing about how the technology functions? Going through hundreds of portfolios can be an option but quite an exhausting one. You can sit there for hours and make no progress at all.

We are here to help you out! As experts in this area, we can give you some valuable tips about finding a great CGI company and being able to distinguish it among others quickly and painlessly. Years of experience in CGI have allowed us to compose a simple list of traits that a company must have to fulfill all the customer’s needs. You will need no more than a glance at their portfolio to make your decision. So if you are in search of professionals, look for the following on their website. 

#1. Believable CG 

Although this is quite easy, it is really important – the picture they produce should be so realistic that you will actually wonder whether you are looking at a photo or not. The textures should look like real ones, the same can be said about the sizes of objects. Animation by a good 3D walk through specialist will look like a real video and give you as much information as one would. Probably one of the most important aspects of a realistic image is the lighting – it should be thought through and interact with the environment. Poor lighting or the lack of it can make an image still and hard to believe.

#2. They provoke feelings

Remember that the best way to sell something is to try and sell a feeling instead. It is emotions that push us to start wanting something, not rational calculations. If you want a buyer to be interested in your house, show them a dream, not just a building: children riding their bikes, sunset behind the bedroom window, Sunday baking. The atmosphere and general mood are hugely important.

Every walk through needs to be composed taking this into consideration. Good CGI companies will not simply create a simulation – they will create a story one wants to believe in. Watching their video will not simply show you what the property looks like but also help you imagine what your life could be like there.

#3. Various kinds of walkthrough

Being able to work with different requirements is also a marker of a good CGI company. Look for one that has more than one kind of animation presented on their website and make sure that all are equally well made. You never know what kinds of property you might have to work with in the future, so it is smart to be ready for all kinds of projects. They should work with interiors and exteriors, be able to fulfill the customer’s needs in both commercial and residential CG videos.

#4. Their animation shows the property in the best light

No matter what you are selling, the angle from which your product is shown matters a lot. Even an impression about the best house in the world can be ruined if you do not think carefully about how to expose it. Real estate is no exception to this rule. Architecture just like anything else has strong and weak sides and a good walk through should concentrate on the former ones. You need to ask yourself a question: which aspect of this property may appeal to the potential buyer? And once you have found an answer you will know what to build your 3D animation around. A person who watches the video should feel like it is a great place to live or work in. Maybe the aspect you concentrate on does not always have to be conventional – show how unique this space is by highlighting a tree or a landscape. And make sure the company you hire knows how to do this well. 

#5. All points are where they have to be

An animation should make a complete picture that nothing sticks out of. It may seem like excessive attention to detail but all professionals know that there is actually nothing unimportant in a walk through. The color of rugs, the flowers on tables, or the clothes people wear all take part in creating that fragile balance that can turn a simple idea into a finalized concept. Every part of a good animation tells you something important – if you see a blanket on the loan it must imply that the area will be perfect for family picnics. If you see a drum set in the living room it says that the walls are soundproof or there are no neighbors around. You do not need to actually talk when your presentation speaks for itself. This is the main difference between a great CG company and a mediocre one.

These were the five essential pieces of advice we can give you regarding finding your dream CG animation company. With this information, you can now look through dozens of portfolios and find exactly what you need because you know what they should be able to conduct. Remember that great business requires great specialists and lots of communication. The five things we have mentioned will be your guide in your search for a great walk through contractor! If you are looking for such, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we can to make your CG experience unforgettable! With us your business will be in good hands and your customers will be happy.