Predict Baby Gender with the Chinese Baby Gender Chart

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In modern science, giving birth to boys and girls is achieved by the free combination of genes, which is mostly the result of natural selection.

Since males produce two kinds of gametes, 1/2 gametes with X-chromosome (22+X)  and 1/2 with Y-chromosome (22+Y) , it is scientifically prove that the X and Y of the male chromosomes are the sex-determining chromosomes. When the sperm and the egg cell are combined, the sex of baby is determined. 

It can be easily seen that the birth of boys and girls has nothing to do with the mother’s age and the date of conception. It is, however not the case when using the famous ancient Chinese baby prediction table. The table is common used in the Chinese society especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is because the table has a relatively high accuracy so it can safely helping parents to select their preferrable baby gender. 


The prediction table for boys and girls is nowadays called the Chinese Gender Chart. It is said to be invented during the Qing Dynasty (1636–1912).  At that time, it was a treasure of the royal family, and was kept by specially-designated eunuchs and could not be easily shown to others. A scholar was able to copy it with great difficulty, and in 1972, an owner of the watch couldn’t bear to use it exclusively and made it public.

The Chinese Gender Chart suggests that baby gender is based on females mainly. The mother’s age is listed in the vertical column of the table (from 18 to 45 years old), and the month of conception is listed in the horizontal row of the table. (From 1st to 12th). The intersection of the mother’s age and the month of conception shows the predicted baby gender.


Lunar Age

Unlike the age we are talking about today, the age involved in the Chinese Gender Chart must refer to the algorithm of the lunar calendar.  To give you a clear idea of lunar age calculation, a baby is one year old at the time of born, and then he/she will gain one year of age at each lunar new year.

Suppose the lunar new year in 2005  was on January 20. a baby who was born on January 19 of the same year would become 2 lunar years old on lunar new year, although he/she was considered only one day old in the modern age calculation.

Lunar Month

The lunar month of conception is again based on the lunar calendar. Unlike the Georgian calendar, a lunar month is measured by the days between successive new moons, which is about 29.5 days. There is no single formula that can convert a Georgian date to a Lunar date. You may need Georgian Lunar date converter if you really want to do so.

Note: If the lunar month of pregnancy is a lunar leap month, the first half of the leap month will be counted as the previous month, and the second half of the month will be counted as the next month.


It is really a headache if you want to use the Chinese Gender Chart properly, as it is not an easy job to find out the lunar age and lunar month correctly. A much easier way to do it is using the Chinese Gender Chart Predictor, which automatically find out the baby gender with the mother’s birthday and the date of conception. With the predictor, you will also know the baby’s Chinese Zodiac which give you a preview of your child’s personality. Have fun!