Are You Aware of Post-Pregnancy Health? How to Manage Your True Fitness?

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Are you tired, dusty or a bit depressed? No, you’re not too “picky”, it’s just that you just gave birth. And you’re back home, with your baby in your arms and, exhausted. It’s as if you had run a marathon! Is it normal that everything hurts and that you feel weak and empty? Yes, it is the most common. Your body has just passed nine months of pregnancy and birth! Now she has to recover her previous state and for this, she will need some time.

Therefore, instead of talking only about the immense happiness that awaits you with your little one, we will also remember those physiological changes and the discomfort they cause. Yes, suggesting ideas to finish overcoming them. This is as important as using safe days calculator. Those days were so sensitive. We know how much you have done for your baby to see the light.

Your Hormones Are Revolutionized

In the period after childbirth, some hormones descend in a dive and others take a run, they run wild. The estrogens, which were the protagonists of pregnancy, they exit the forum. Its rate is reduced by 90% immediately after the expulsion of the placenta. The prolactin, the main hormone for the production of milk, steals the spotlight. Every time your baby stretches your nipple, prolactin reaches impressive peaks.

  • The Solutions

You can do little, aside from waiting patiently for the hormonal storm to subside. Unless you have decided not to breastfeed your child. Then you will be prescribed some very effective drugs that will block the secretion of prolactin. But if you really feel very sad and depressed after the first few days, it is very important that you look for someone to trust your feelings with.

The Vagina Is Tensed Again

After having widely relaxed to give way to your baby, the vagina has to recover from this great dilation. When you have sex again, your lack of tone may bother you. And that without taking into account that, being abruptly deprived of the famous estrogen, the vaginal mucosa tends to be very dry which produces a burning sensation. It is not ideal to have sex. When you feel better in your own skin, you will regain sexual desire and all the good feelings under the sheets when you maintain intimate relationships with the happy father.

  • The Solutions

If necessary, you will be prescribed a perennial rehabilitation, not before two months. Gymnastics does not help to rehabilitate the perineum. For example, the exercise of holding a ball between the knees in a lying position is not effective at all. A rehabilitation worthy of such a name is to teach women to control their perennial muscles and reinforce them, emphasizing above all an intra-vaginal job.

Oh, The Episiotomy!

As this area is permanently wet due to bleeding, complete healing takes at least two weeks. And the scar can hurt during that time and remain sensitive for months. That is why it is normal for some mothers to writhe when they nurse their seated babies. It’s just because their ass hurts!

  • The Solutions

In case of painful episiotomy, many kinesiotherapists recommend sitting as often as possible with crossed legs – with the bust forward and a pillow placed under the end of the buttocks. In this way, the weight of the body no longer falls on the perineum, but on the bony part of the buttocks. Thus the pain fades.

Your Body Evacuates

In the days after childbirth, acts as simple as defecating and urinating can become complicated. At the end of pregnancy, the intestines and bladder have been compressed by the baby and are still a little sore and lazy. They have relaxed under the effect of pregnancy hormones just like your abdominal muscles, something that interferes with traffic. Episiotomy makes you suffer. It is urgent to remedy all those pains so that your body can recover its usual evacuation functions.

  • The Solutions

Antibiotics for urinary infection. Anti-inflammatories, venous tonics or homeopathic medicines for hemorrhoids. And, for intestinal transit, a diet rich in fiber and, enough physical exercise is recommended.

The Uterus Does Not Reposition In Its Place

Now your uterus should regain its size and the place it occupied before pregnancy. That’s why you bleed for fifteen days or three weeks as if you had the period. They are the lochia. It’s general cleaning. To relieve the wrongs that will last about a week, you can lie on your stomach, placing a pillow under your abdomen to press on the uterus. The drugs (antispasmodics and anti-inflammatory drugs) are effective, but only be taken if not breastfeeding your child. Otherwise, you can opt for homeopathy. Keep yourself ready with safe days calculator.