Preparation and Bachelor Event Ideas in Bucharest

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First of all, a basic framework should be created regarding the program, location, and duration of the bachelor party. If in doubt, you should start a little earlier, because your friends also have to plan and the earlier vacation that may be required, the greater the chances that it will be approved.

Guestlist: Who is Coming?

Think about which friends and relatives to invite. As a rule of thumb, some people are more important to the groom than others. 

Decide what friends and relatives are the ones who will follow you through all the crazy bachelor event ideas in Bucharest.

  • Think about who has to (brother, cousin, etc.) and should (best friends) with
  • Invite at least 5 people, maximum of 10 people at the bachelor party
  • The guests should know each other halfway and “tick” similarly
  • Are there limiting factors? For example. A number of seats in the car.


The restaurants and tables in discos etc. should be reserved directly. At strip clubs, IDs should also be considered. Otherwise, the evening will come to an abrupt end. Also, think about the dress code in the club!. 

You should explore to find some of the best suits for men that will be ideal for any occasion that you might find yourself in.

A Month Before

A month before the bachelor party, it’s about putting your thoughts into action and fine-tuning so that nothing goes wrong.

Daily Program

Check whether you need additional equipment for the execution of the tasks and games for the bachelor party or whether other program items are prepared or have been agreed with the organizer.

Evening Program

Put together a detailed evening program. Where should you celebrate later, which program suits the group, where is your favourite music played, is there a live band somewhere, and how do you get from A to B.


The catering of the guests should not be missing either. If you are planning a trip to nature, drinks and other necessary utensils should be considered.

  • In coveted restaurants, it can happen that 1 month lead time for reservation is no longer enough. In these cases, you should make a reservation a few months in advance.
  • Since the bachelor party is often humid and cheerful, rustic taverns/breweries are ideal.

Plan B

Also, think of a plan B. Because something can still go wrong, you should be prepared for it:

  • What happens in bad weather?
  • What if significantly fewer/more people come?
  • What if a reservation goes wrong?

Since many bachelor parties are full of drinks and party energy, you should choose one that stays in check and doesn’t drink as much. In this way, he/she can still make clear decisions when in doubt.

The Day Before & Follow-up

All guests should consciously wear comfortable shoes, which can still be changed in the evening. 

The bachelor outfit is worn throughout the day.

Your Daily Baggage

Here you will find a small packing list of what you could need on the way.

  • Camera with enough battery and free memory
  • Weather-dependent clothing: sunscreen, rain jacket or umbrella.
  • All necessary tickets and phone numbers of the locations
  • Map of the city or mobile phone navigation
  • A few drinks on the go to cheer up the mood.

Follow-up of the Bachelor Party

After the bachelor party, the follow-up is due. The photos are examined and, if necessary, processed with Photoshop. 

It is always fun to spend an evening together after a certain time, i.e., 1 month after the event, and to laugh at all the funny events of that evening.

Then the planning of the bachelor party and the wedding passed a little, but the memories were still fresh. The t-shirts ensure that the funny celebration of the bachelor party is remembered.

Date: Decide What’s the Best Date to Arrive in Bucharest

The bachelor party does not have to take place the day before the wedding. This usually makes little sense, because it is very stressful the day before.

  • 2-4 weeks before the wedding is a good time, but never a week before the celebration because of the wedding planning
  • Talk to the most important people and the bachelor beforehand
  • Tip: Secure a firm promise from the participants of the bachelor party, the most binding is to collect part of the costs
  • You should invite personally, a short call is best.

Who Actually Pays?

Usually, it is handled like this:

  • All guests pay the same amount
  • The bachelor is invited to the excursion

However, if the financial circumstances differ significantly from one another, and every case is different. Think of the best way to split the cost that will make the trip enjoyable for all.

Arrival & Mobility

Set straight all the information about the arrival of the guests. For the day or at a distant venue, flight or train connections must be defined.

  • Long journeys better by plane, long-distance buses or trains can be taken under 300km.
  • How is the transport organized on-site (public transportation, rental car, limousine …), but this can be planned at short notice.

Overnight Stay

Depending on the venue, a hotel or hostel is necessary for two or more days.

  • Hostels are cheap and are often central, so you can save
  • Private accommodations often offer bargains, check what is on offer
  • If you have no money worries, treat yourself to a grand hotel


Should the bachelor party be spiced up with special program items? With best friends, you will surely come up with one or the other idea. Otherwise, you should start thinking ahead of all the exciting activities that you can do.

  • Reserve beforehand so that you can still get tickets
  • Discuss the cost limit with guests. Just to make sure that there is no risk of high expenses.


You should think about where the bachelor party should take place. 

  • Take advantage of city tours, there you will find a lot of tips on locations, programs and much more.
  • Try to mix the styles of venues that you can visit if you have no clear consensus on the place that all of you want to spend the party.

Conclusion: 5 Mistakes You Can Avoid

You will see that you will manage the bachelor party preparation well! You must pay particular attention to these 5 points:

  1. Don’t make the mistake of starting planning too late – 3 months in advance is perfect.
  2. Don’t overdo it; everyone wants to have fun, including the bachelor.
  3. Make something special: Maybe go-karting, bubble football, go play paintball or a live shooting range!
  4. Reserve the things you really want to do, otherwise it will fail in the worst case.

Don’t forget plan B for bad weather; otherwise, it can backfire.